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zondag 14 april 2019

Voorjaarsschoonmaak / Spring cleaning

In mijn laatste bericht vertelde ik jullie dat ik vastzat in de bouw van de boerderij omdat ik niet de juiste maten van de 1:1 boerderij had. Tot mijn grote vreugde is daar onverwacht verandering in gekomen :)!! Komende weken kan ik weer verder met de bouw van de stallen, over hoe dat zo gekomen is, vertel ik jullie als ik weer wat nieuws kan laten zien. Maar nu……is de voorjaarsschoonmaak aan de beurt ;).

In my previous blogpost I told you that I got stuck in the construction of my mini farm, because I didn’t have the right measurements of the real life farm. Well,  to my greatest pleasure I can tell you this unexpectedly has changed :) !! In the coming weeks I can go on with the build of the stables for the cattle, about how this happened, that's something I’ll tell you when I can show you something new again. For now…..the spring cleaning is on turn ;).

In maart was er weer de DollHouse Nederland show in Arnhem, ik heb er wat meubeltjes gekocht bij het “Meubelparadijs”: een keukentrapje en een bed voor in de mini boerderij.
Ik zal aan de hand van foto’s laten zien hoe ik ze geschilderd en klaargemaakt heb, zodat ze in de jaren ’50 passen en in mijn boerderij.

Last March was the DollHouse Nederland Show in Arnhem, I’ve then bought  some furniture from the “Meubelparadijs”: a little kitchen stairs and a bed for my mini farm.
Using pictures I’ll show you how I’ve painted them and given them the look of the 50s, so that they will fit in my mini farm.

Nadat ik het hout hier en daar wat ‘beschadigd’ had en glad geschuurd, heb ik ze geschilderd.
Ik heb acrylverf in de kleuren gele oker, raw sienna/maple syrup gebruikt en van de krijtverf de kleur Hampton blue.

After I ‘damaged’ the wood here and there and I've smoothly sanded them and painted them.
I’ve used acrylic paint in the colors yellow ochre, raw sienna/maple syrup and of the chalk paint I used the color Hampton blue.

Tussen het aanbrengen van de verflagen door,  goed laten drogen en daarna weer heel voorzichtig schuren. Ik heb ook een dunner touwtje aangebracht aan de onderkant van de trap.

In between applying the layers of paint, let thoroughly dry and carefully sand after painting each layer. I've also add a thinner rope at the underside of the stairs.

Behalve voor allerlei werk/karweitjes werd het keukentrapje in de boerderij ook gebruikt tijdens de voorjaarsschoonmaak, als er gewit werd en/of gezwart in de keuken en stallen.
Als je goed kijkt, zie je spetters witkalk en zwartsel op de keukentrap ;).

Except for all sort of work/jobs, this kitchen stairs was used in the farm during springcleaning, for painting new layers of whitewash and the black edges at the underside of the walls in kitchen and stables.
If you look well, you see the drops of whitewash and the black tar on several spots on the stairs ;).

Ik heb dezelfde werkwijze gebruikt om het bed te schilderen.
Als laatste heb ik het bed een krijtverf waslaagje gegeven.

I used the same method to paint the bed.
Lastly I gave the bed a layer of créme wax for chalk paint.

Nadat het ‘oude’ bed geschilderd was, heb ik er wat beschadigingen/scheuren op aan gebracht, ingekrast met een prikpen.
Aangezien mijn grootouders in de jaren ’50 nog op stromatrassen sliepen, werd in de lente, tijdens de voorjaarsschoonmaak ook het stro van de matrassen vernieuwd. Ik heb dus nog wat te doen: nieuwe tijken voor het bed maken en voorzien van nieuw vers stro.
Bedankt voor jullie fijne reacties, een heel fijne zondag en nieuwe week gewenst!

After the ‘old’ bed was painted, I’ve put some damaging/cracks, scratched in with a prick pen.
Because in the 50s my grandparents were still sleeping on straw mattresses, the straw got refreshed/renewed in spring, during the spring cleaning. So, I still have some work to do: making new mattress covers and putting in fresh straw.
Thank you for your kind comments, I wish you a nice Sunday and new week ahead!


19 opmerkingen:

Fabiola zei

The kitchen stair seems to have been used a lot! And the bed looks very solid, beautiful and perfect for the farm.

PILAR6373 zei

Me gusta mucho como te han quedado las dos piezas,la escalera se ve tan usada! Y la cama con el aspecto antiguo adecuado a los años de la granja.
Me alegro que puedas continuar con la construcción de la granja al completo,ya nos contarás qué ha sucedido!!

BiWuBär zei

It's exciting news that your construction "problems" are solved and that you're able to continue with the build of this stunning farm project. But of course it's also the interior of your farm with all those little details that makes this project so outstanding. The ladder and especially its color turned out awesome - and I'm really not surprised that you even remembered to add some tar sprinkles. ;O) And what a nice bed, perfectly even with some scratches. I'm already looking forward to see the matrass being stuffed with hay… luckily your grandparents will help… you should take care of your hay fever!


The grandmommy zei

These two things are truly "farm"quality! I can see the farmers coming into their home after a long days work using the ladder and flopping into bed!

Isabel Ruiz zei

Has hecho un trabajo excelente.

Sheila zei

I really love how the ladder turned out. The bed looks great too!

Rosethé zei

Ah, ah,j'ai le souvenir d'un vieil escabeau qui portait des traces de diverses peintures. Le tien Ilona est parfait !
Les éraflures sur le bois du lit sont les "stigmates" du temps qui s'est écoulé !
Bonne continuation ! Bises. joce

Alexandra Martinez zei

I love what you´ve done, especially with that ladder! It looks very authentic and used. Happy Easter!

Contrastes-Rosa Mª zei

Genial LLona que de nuevo comiences con este fantásticotrabajo , es un lujo poder disfrutar de todas las piezas, has logrado una escalera perfecta pues se ve el paso del tiempo y la coma espectacular. Besos y buena semana:-)

miniacollection zei

I'm glad to read that you'll be able to build the farm, I can't wait to know what you have discovered and how you've done it.
Your kitchen stairs is just perfect with its used and old look. The bed too.

jean-claude zei

J'aime beaucoup ces meubles en bois "naturel" juste vernis.
Bravo Ilona

carmen zei

me encanta la cama, pero las escaleras son perfectas !!

Jodi Hippler zei

The painting effects are wonderful and I am excited to hear about your unexpected serendipity with the farm's measurements!

Drora's minimundo zei

It's good news that you'll be able to continue building the farm according to authentic measurements.
As usual, the results of your "magic touch" are seen in the painted bed and steps. Awesome work!

Anna zei

I love your kitchen step ladder Ilona, showing perfect signs of able use. The bed too is lovely and I am sure mini grandma and mini grandpa are looking forward to a good nights sleep on a freshly stuffed mattress.
I will look forward to see how you make it. I have a little farm-house bed for the student lodge who lives in the attic room of my house and a spring mattress will be way too luxurious for him.

Daydreamer zei

Dear Ilona, I love this whole project so much!!! The step ladder is Perfect and the bed is beautiful in its "old fashioned" simplicity! I have to tell you that I have a similar step ladder in my kitchen (because I am not tall) I use it all the time to reach the top cupboards... and also when I an sawing wood for mini projects! So I love to see how well yours is "aged" with the splatters of paint! :) I am excited to hear you have learned the exact measurements of the Farm! This is great news and will allow for more wonderful fascinating inspiring progress!!! :):) You know I love everything you make! :)

Maria Ireland zei

Wow that is one well used steps lol. I love it. The bed is beautiful. The new straw must have smelt nice to sleep on.
Hugs Maria

elizabeth s zei

I have a RL step ladder in my garage that is nearly Identical to your mini one, Ilona! You have captured the age and the regular usage of your miniature ladder to a "T" warts and all! :D
I adore your grandparents bed as well and will find it of great interest to discover how you make their straw mattress. I have heard of them but have never slept on one nor seen them in miniature so I am Eagerly awaiting yours!
Have a Wonderful Easter weekend



Charlie zei

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