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zondag 24 september 2017

In minder dan een week… / In less than a week…

Deze keer een kort bericht: ik heb nog een paar nieuwe miniatuur bloemen gemaakt voor de DHN-show van komend weekend (30 sept./1 okt.)…

This time a short message: I’ve made some new miniature flowers for the coming DHN-show of coming weekend (30 Sept./ 1 Oct.)…

…nieuwe 17e eeuwse gestreepte tulpen, een keizerskroon en een paar goudsbloemen.
Het bord is gemaakt door Henny Staring-Egberts.

…new made 17th century striped tulips, a Fritillaria imperialis and some Marigolds.
The plate is made by Henny Staring-Egberts.

Tot slot heb ik een van de ontkiemende kokosnoten in een pot gezet en dan zo, dat er geen verlies in detail (wortelhaar) is ;O!
Nu verder met de voorbereidingen voor de show van komende weekend, druk, druk, druk, maar ik heb er echt zin in! 
Dank voor jullie reacties en een fijne zondag gewenst!

Finally, I’ve put one of the sprouting coconuts in a flower pot and in a way that there's no loss of detail (root hair) ;O!
Now I’m off, busy, busy, busy with my preparations for the show next weekend, but I love it! 
Thank you for your nice comments, have a nice Sunday!


19 opmerkingen:

claude zei

with such beautiful, realistic and harmonious realizations, your stand will attract miniaturists, it is splendid and the Fritillaria imperialis is remarkable
good preparation for the exhibition
bonne journée

carmen zei

preciosos trabajos!!

Drora's minimundo zei

Again you created the most beautiful and delicate tulips. All the flowers you make are gorgeous. Your stand will be a hit at the show.
Good luck and have fun!

Fabiola zei

Wonderful and realistic flowers. Great work, my dear.

Piikko zei

Hello Ilona!
All flowers are so beautiful again!
I wish you'll have fun at the fair.
Do not forget to enjoy after hard work! :)
Have great week!
Hugs, piikko

Isabel Ruiz Alonso zei

Preciosas!!! Será todo un triunfa en la feria.

Elizabeth S zei

All the Best at the up-coming SHOW Ilona, I KNOW that ALL of your flowers will be an AMAZING success :D

PILAR6373 zei

Maravillosas todas y cada una de las nuevas flores y plantas!!!!

Robin zei

Very best wishes for a successful show- you will dazzle them with all your wonderful flowers. The tulips are beautiful and the Imperial Fritillaries just amazing!

Giac zei

Hallo Ilona,
Ik ben net betoverd door al je bloemenreeksen! Ze zijn allemaal zo mooi, zo realistisch en zo goed gedaan. Ik weet dat ze een grote hit op de beurs zullen zijn.
Grote knuffel

Юлия zei

Hallo, Ilona! Ik wens u veel succes en veel plezier uit de tentoonstelling! De bloemen zijn mooi en perfect. Gelukkige mensen die ze kunnen zien en kopen. Hugs, Julia

miniacollection zei

Good luck with your preparations for the show!!! I'm sure it will be a success with all your beautiful work.

Alexandra Martinez zei

Wonderful flowers and arrangements, I love all of them, those coconuts are sensational! I wish you luck for the show but I am sure it will be very successful as your work is amazing.

Angelsdoor * Penny zei

Oh such beautiful tulips, dear friend. Your talents are endless. Wishing you the very best at the show.

Catherine zei

je suis très heureuse de pouvoir venir admirer votre travail ce week end . je vous souhaite un très joli show .

Huibrecht zei

Hallo Ilona,

Prachtige bloemen, schitterende details! De Semper Augustus tulpen zijn mijn favorieten, maar ze zijn allemaal erg goed gelukt.

Groet, Huibrecht.

BiWuBär zei

What's that sound I'm hearing... tick tick... oh, it's the countdown clock ticking without mercy... *devilish grin* But now without bad joking: Dear Ilona, don't get stressed, you know my saying... what isn't finished now must be finished the next time! I'm wishing you a great time at the fair, I have no doubt it will be successful. Your newest miniatures are stunning as always - it must be a feast for the eye to look at your fair table seeing all of these tiny wonders together. And most of all I'm wishing to you and your darling helper loads of fun!

Birgit (who is glad the the coconut root hair wasn't buried in soil... *smile*)

Daydreamer zei

Dear Ilona, somehow I forgot to comment on this post!!! I especially noticed your tulips because I had just bought the tulip vase made by Henny Staring-Egberts who was at the Guild Show in Connecticut! (I am going to have to try to make some tulips that will show well in this!) And as always, I am so amazed at the perfection of your blossoms.... you include ALL the parts so perfectly!!! I am hoping you have a wonderful time at the Fair..... and I am sure you will have plenty of admirers at your table!!! :)

Sheila zei

Oh my! Those apples just make me hungry they look so real. Yum. Great work.