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woensdag 20 september 2017

Het gebeurde gewoon… / It just happened

Surfen op internet is soms onverwacht inspirerend, want ik kwam een foto van een ontkiemende kokosnoot tegen. Dat was inspiratie voor deze miniatuur kokosnoten, ach, het is weer eens wat anders dan bloemen, toch ;O?

Surfing on the internet can unexpectedly be inspiring, because I came along a picture of a germinating coconut. That was my inspiration for making these miniature coconuts, well, sometimes it’s nice to make something else than flowers, isn’t it ;O?

Met Fimoklei (bruin) heb ik eerst geprobeerd om de kokosnoten te maken en daarna zijn ze geschilderd met allerlei tinten acrylverf. En toen dat lukte, verschenen er ‘vanzelf’ de kiemen, wortelhaar en bladeren.

Out of Fimo clay (brown) I’ve tried to sculpt coconuts and than I've painted them with all shades of acrylic paint. And after I succeeded, there ‘automatically’ appeared the germs, root hair and leaves.

De linker kokosnoot is 14 mm, de middelste is 20 mm en de rechtse is 12 mm lang/groot.
The coconut at the left measures 14 mm, the one in the middle is 20 mm and the one at the right measures 12 mm long.

Werk in uitvoering
Work in progress

Wat denken jullie: zal ik ze met, of zonder, pot meenemen naar de DHN-show over een week?

What do you think: will I take them with, or without, a flower pot to the DHN-show in Arnhem?

Hier in onze regio is men begonnen met de maisoogst, dat is een maand eerder dan gebruikelijk.
Vanavond heb ik nog een wandeling gemaakt en vond ik nog een verloren maiskolf J!
Fijne week gewenst!

Here, in our region, the farmes have started the harvest of corn, that’s a month earlier than usual.
This evening I’ve made a walking and I found a lost corn cob J!
Have a nice week!


14 opmerkingen:

Robin zei

Just as they are - no flower pot. Amazing work!!

Sheila zei

Happy little coconuts sprouting! You should bring them with you. They look great!

Isabel Ruiz Alonso zei

Porque los has enseñado en la mano, pensé que eran reales.Son magníficos por sí solos.

Drora's minimundo zei

Of course you should bring these cute germinating coconuts with you. I love the one in the pot. By the way, when is the DHN show in Arenham?
Hugs, Drora

Daydreamer zei

Dear Ilona, your sprouted coconut looks so real, I want to see it in a pot with moist soil! (The poor thing needs to grow!) LOL! Your work is always such a pleasure to see because we never can imagine what you will make next..... and it is always perfect!!! I am always amazed and I learn so much by seeing all your perfect tiny details! Keep up the great work!

PILAR6373 zei

Ilona,me parecen fantásticos esos brotes de coco!! De hecho,no había visto ninguno nunca y me parecen preciosos!!! Más reales no han podido quedarte y a mi,personalmente,me gustan sin maceta,al natural,se aprecia mucho mejor todo el trabajo!!!

miniacollection zei

They are just fantastic, I think you should take them both with and without a pot. Some people may be interested in them without pots because they could have their own pots and ideas and others may not have pots.

Giac zei

Hallo Ilona,
Dat is geweldig en zo uniek. Je hebt zo'n geweldige job gedaan. Ik denk dat je beide, met en zonder potten, naar de show moet brengen. Ik denk dat verzamelaars hier van houden!
Grote knuffel

claude zei

Great as usual Ilona! you have a remarkable sense of color, I am admiring
with or without pot? you have to bring both :-)
nice idea to pick up this master, it will soon be at 1/12
bonne journée

Ingi zei

Vow, so real!

Elizabeth S zei

Your creativity and authenticity are Beyond belief; I thought they were REAL!!!

BiWuBär zei

And I was expecting pumpkins after you've shown the pumpkin patch... *LOL* Oh my, your coconuts (surprise!!!) turned out awesome. I really like it when you turn an inspiration from the internet into a stunning miniature... eh... wait a moment... after some thinking I need to correct myself: I really like it when you turn an inspiration you're picking up somewhere into a stunning miniature. Your coconuts look so real with the root hair and the coloring is fantastic. Somehow it would be a shame to plant them in a pot because this would make some of the details not visible anymore. I would suggest to not pot these and perhaps make some half ones dedicated to go into pots... but I know you will make the best decision... ;O)


Юлия zei

Hallo, Ilona! Zeer origineel idee! Uw kokosnoten zijn mooi. Absoluut realisme! Hugs, Julia

Piikko zei

Perfect coconuts with pots or without them!
You are so creative Ilona! Always something new.
We have a great autumn weekend here right now. I wish it will stays like that for a long time. :)
Have a lovely Sunday!
Hugs, piikko