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zondag 30 september 2018

Iedereen bedankt!! / Thank you all!!

Ik wil iedereen bedanken die tijdens de DHN-show in Arnhem ons ‘hallo’ kwamen zeggen, miniaturen van mij hebben gekocht, kwamen kijken en/of complimenten hebben gegeven. Mijn dochter en ik hebben mede daardoor een zeer gezellige én geslaagde beurs gehad: dank U wel J!!

I want to thank everyone who came to say 'hello' during the DHN show in Arnhem, who bought miniatures from me, who came to watch and / or gave their compliments. Therefore my daughter and I have had a very nice and successful miniatures show: thank you all :)!!


12 opmerkingen:

Huibrecht zei

En jullie bedankt!

Contrastes-Rosa Mª zei

Una grata noticia, felicidades.Besos:-)

Sheila zei

So glad you had a good time! Wish I could have come to see you too!

PILAR6373 zei

Cuanto me alegro Ilona que el show fuera un éxito y lo pasarais bien!!!

Rosethé zei

Ravie pour toi et ta fille !
Bises. Joce

Drora's minimundo zei

Happy to learn that you and your daughter had a good time.
Hugs, Drora

Isabel Ruiz Alonso zei

Me alegro que hayas disfrutado tanto de la feria.

Marian zei

Celebro que la feria haya estado genial y hayas disfrutado.
Un abrazo

BiWuBär zei

Sounds good to me - I'm glad you and Paulien had a great time!


Elizabeth S zei

Your work never fails to Impress everyone who sees it Ilona so I am not surprised to hear that you and your daughter had a SUCESSFUL SHOW- Congratulations! :D

Daydreamer zei

Congratulations Ilona! I am glad to hear you had a great time at the Fair! You make such amazing things... the people who can come see them and buy them are so lucky!!! :)

miniacollection zei

Angelino is a gorgeous bear and he is lucky that you made this stool for him. I'm glad that the show was a success.