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zaterdag 15 september 2018

Het fruit is plukrijp en een Paaskippetje in mandje / Fruits are ready for picking and a Easter chicken in a basket

In deze tijd van het jaar is het fruit  plukrijp en is de oogst in volle gang. Ik heb mijn zelfgemaakte Fimoklei) Doyenné du Comice peren geplukt, samen met wat appels en kweeperen. Heerlijk, om zó in te bijten, of om kweeperengelei en appelmoes van te maken J.

In this time of the year the fruit is ready for picking and here the harvest is in full swing. I’ve picked my selfmade (Fimo clay) Doyenné du Comice pears, together with some apples and quinces. Delicous, to bite in, or for making quinces jelly and apple sauce J.

Een papieren zak vol, of liggend op een rijtje lijken ze net op erwtjes in hun dop ;).
A paper bag full, or lying on a row they look like peas in their pod ;).

Over twee weken is de DHN-show, dus probeer ik nog wat dingen af te maken, die door de voorbije lange hete zomer zijn blijven liggen. Eén ervan is dit mandje met een Paaskippetje erin.

The DHN-show is in two weeks, so I’m trying to finish some things, who were set aside by the long hot summer. One of them is a tiny basket, containing a tiny Easter chicken.

Het kippetje is gemaakt van Fimoklei en het mandje is geweven van naaigaren over heel fijn bloemendraad. Beiden zijn door mij gemaakt, het was een ontzettend gepriegel om te maken, maar ik ben tevreden over het resultaat.
Het mandje heeft een diameter van 13 mm en is 14 mm hoog.

The chicken is sculpted from Fimo clay, the tiny wicker basket is made of sewing thread over very fine floral wire. Both are made by me, it was a very finicking job to do, but I’m very satisfied about the result.
The basket has a diameter of 13 mm and it’s 14 mm high.

Wat vinden jullie: zal ik nog een geel strikje om het hengsel doen...?
What do you think: will I put a yellow ribbon around the handle...?

Het kippetje heeft wat stro gekregen, gemaakt van echt stro, dat ik in hele kleine stukjes heb gesneden, misschien legt ze nu wat Paaseitjes ;)??

The chicken has got a bit of straw, made of real straw, which I cutted into very tiny pieces, maybe she now will lay some Easter eggs ;)??

Na deze hete lange zomer heb ik eindelijk weer een klein beetje van mijn oude energie terug om wat rond te fietsen in mijn omgeving, die nog steeds herstellende is van de ernstige droogte. Het grondwaterpeil is nog steeds schrikbarend laag, ondanks wat regenbuien staan alle sloten, plassen, vennen nog steeds leeg…
Maar….vanwege de herfst liggen er, zoals altijd, overal langs de weg fruit en pompoenen klaar. Tegen betaling kun je zo meenemen wat je wilt, kijk, dit zijn de pompoenen die graag met mij mee naar huis wilden. Mooi, hè?
Dank voor jullie fijne reacties, iedereen een fijn weekend gewenst!

After this long hot summer I finally got back a little bit of my old energy, so I made short trips by bike in my region, which is still recovering of the serious drought. The ground water level is still shocking low, despite of some rain showers all ditches, puddles, fens are still empty...
But....because of the autumn season everywhere are lying ready, as always, fruit and pumpkins along the roads. After payment you can take what you want, look, these pumpkins wanted to go home with me. Aren’t they beautiful??
Thank you for your nice comments, I wish everyone a lovely weekend!


18 opmerkingen:

Sheila zei

Wow! Everything looks wonderful! I love your chicken in the basket and I don't know that she needs a bow really. She's so cute as she is.

I hope you have a good time at the show and so glad you're getting your energy back!

PILAR6373 zei

La fruta se ve deliciosa,has hecho una buena cosecha también en miniatura!!!
La cesta que has tejido se ve perfecta y esa gallina está tan contenta en ella,que a buen seguro te pondrá los huevos de Pascua!!!
Hermosas calabazas!!

claude zei

Gorgeous ! the fruit looks real, even the small spotting of pears
Doyenné du Comice are realized. The baskets are also realistic and I love the first! Awesome !
beautiful end of autumn

Drora's minimundo zei

The fruit looks amazingly real and I love the tiny chicken in the basket!
Great work, as always. Good luck and fun at the DHN show!
Hugs, Drora

miniacollection zei

Your fruits are beautiful and very well displayed. The Easter chicken in the basket is really gorgeous. I think it's fine as it is, so no need of a yellow ribbon.

Anna zei

If I didn't know better I would think those pears are real - they are simply amazing!! I am complete at awe as to how you get them to look so real, they are amazing. So is the Easter hen for that matter - like everything else you do, Ilona.
I hope you are getting some much needed rain.
Anna xx

BiWuBär zei

I really envy you - while I'm terrified looking at the calendar and finding out how close C *shudder* already is, you're way ahead and already preparing for E... *LOL* But my nerves calmed down at once regarding that this fabulous Easter chicken in its fantastic basket will never ever go home with you again from the fair... which leaves you prepared for Easter as good or bad as me... *teehee* In my modest opinion a ribbon around the basket would be too much… the chicken basket is already perfect the way it is now. And your fruits are awesome, they look so real... if it wasn't for the cent nobody could ever tell that these are miniatures (hmmm… I wonder… have I ever written this before?). But you gave me something to think about now… isn't it funny what great job your pears were doing in that pod? Maybe it's some kind of family business… I mean… peas… pears… not much difference. Congrats on your pumpkin purchases, what a stunning variety. And I think I know the reason why they wanted to go home with you… they're hoping to become models for miniature versions of themselves. ;O)


Robin zei

You've done it again! We could pick up a pear and take a juicy bite from one - the basket is lovely and the chicken a perfect fit. Have a great fair - I just wish you came to U.K.

Maria Ireland zei

Wow your fruit looks so real and the basket and chick are gorgeous. I love the wonderful selection of pumpkins you got. Most of these I have never seen wow.
Hugs Maria zei

Bellissimi cesti e frutta! Kiss

Contrastes-Rosa Mª zei

Me parece increíble que tan pequeño hayas conseguido esa perfección,La cesta es fantástica,me parece increíble; si está encima de tu uña ¿tenías manos diminutas para trenzarla?mis felicitaciones.El paseo muy agradable y las calabazas muy bonitas y con unas formas muy originales.Feliz semana,besos:-)

Troy zei

The fruit and veggies look so real. I especially like your technique for the pears - great job!

Rosethé zei

Que ces jolis fruits semblent savoureux !
Le panier et son poulet sont trop beaux.
Excellent travail Ilona ! Bises. Joce

carmen zei

me encantan las cestas, las frutas, los frutos …!

Tatiana zei

Превосходная работа! Ваши груши, яблоки, корзина и цыпленок! Вау!!! Вы будете иметь невероятный успех на ярмарке. Я уверена, что многие коллекционеры ждут ваши миниатюры с нетерпением. Я думаю, что мы увидим миниатюрные тыквы очень скоро! Они будут такие же красивые как и реальные!

Isabel Ruiz zei

Me encanta la cesta con la gallina. Seguro que se encuentra tan cómoda que pondrá algún huevo. ¡Las frutas son muy reales!.

Marian zei

Preciosas miniaturas.
Las cestas son perfectas.
Un abrazo

Kristiina zei

Wow! I have to say that I admire your great work. I could eat your pears and apples, so real they look like.