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vrijdag 5 juni 2015

Lekker naar buiten / Going outside

Van wege het extreem hete weer van vandaag (ik heb elk jaar flink hooikoorts) zit ik binnen, maar daar zullen mijn kippetjes niet onder lijden. Afgelopen maart heb ik al een buitenren voor ze gemaakt, maar ik ben vergeten het op mijn blog te laten zien. Dus, hier is het!

I'm sitting indoors, because of the extremely hot weather of today (every year I suffer of severe hay fever), but my chickens won’t suffer of this. Last March I’ve already made a chicken-run for them, but I've forgotten to show it on my blog. So, here it is!

Op een ondergrond van mdf heb ik stukken foamboard gelijmd (om hoogtes te creëren), waarop ik dun gekleurd karton  gelijmd heb, wat daarna bestrooid werd met lichtbruin zand (gevonden in de kringloopwinkel).
Van satéstokjes heb ik palen gemaakt om het gaas aan op te hangen, ze zijn met grijs metallic verf geschilderd. Boven op de palen heb ik een gaatje geboord, zodat het net metalen buizen lijken.

I’ve glued pieces of foam board (for creating different levels in height) on a underground of mdf, on which I’ve glued thin card board, again white glue and after that I’ve sprinkled light brown sand (found it in the recycle store) on top.
Of skewers I’ve made posts for hanging on the wire gauze, they are painted in a metallic grey paint. On top of the posts I’ve drilled a hole, so they seems to be metal pipes.

De kippen zijn gemaakt door Patricia Cabrera,
Hupakee, daar gaan de dames, lekker genieten van de zon :D!

The chickens are created by Patricia Cabrera,
Here they go, enjoy the sun, ladies :D!

Een heerlijk zandbad nemen... / Taking a nice sand bath...

...en daarna lekker eten. Het was maart toen ik deze foto nam, dus de (gemaakt van Fimoklei en Flowersoft) boerenkool smaakt dan niet meer en ging als feestmaal naar de kippen :D!!

...and after that a nice dinner. It was in March that I took this picture: than is kale (made of Fimo clay and Flower soft) not tasty anymore, so it went as a feast meal for the chickens :D!!

En als laatste een foto van 'werk in uitvoering'……wat is het??
Fijn weekend gewenst :D!!

And finally a photo of a 'work in progress'……….what is it??
I wish you all a nice weekend :D!!


35 opmerkingen:

Piikko zei

Hot weather? What is it?! We have no idea of something like that here! :D
Ilona, your chicken scenes are perfect. Hard to believe they are minis. Are they?
My mum had chicken at the cottage one summer ago. They were also sand bathing and enjoying their life in the sun.
Well, now we don't have chicken..nor the sun. :D
Have a great weekend Ilona!

Isabel Ruiz Alonso zei

Esos pollos parecen felices así que has hecho un buen trabajo.
¡Buen fin de semana!

miniaturista zei

Que preciosos están los pollos, y has creado el escenario ideal para ellos.
El nuevo trabajo no se si veo bien... ¿un personaje mayor de cabellos largos visto por detrás?
Un abrazo

The Old Maid zei

Happy chikens! I think it is someone ;) not sure who though. :)

Simona M zei

For a moment I was confused if you were talking about a real chicken coops but then a remembered I saw it in other posts and realize it wasn't!! It really looks real....very well made Ilona!! You talk about hot weather and I'm sitting now in my living room with the fire place on full force!!!!!! :)

Simona M zei

Forgot.....last picture, your secret project, maybe a doll? That seems like the back of a doll with some hair showing.....maybe I'm completely wrong!!! :) :)

Maria Ireland zei

Your chicken run looks so real. Them chickens look very happy with their new run. Amazing job. Weather not so nice here it changes almost by the minute lol. Is it the back of an old lady or a witch maybe ? ( I have witches on the brain at the moment lol I see them everywhere :D Enjoy your sunshine.
Hugs Maria

Pepper Mitcheson zei

The chickens really have a lovely space to call home =0) Are you making the owner of the chickens?

Elizabeth S zei

Hi Ilona! I think that your chicken run is like a luxury chicken hotel! The accommodations are Superb and the meals are 5 STARS. AND.. it looks like only the most Beautiful Chickens get reservations! :D

Vivian Fox zei

Hi Ilona
Superb attention to detail as always! You'd be mistaken for thinking this chicken house was real:) First class work.
All the best

Daydreamer zei

Hi Ilona! Your chicken run is Awesome! The "chicken wire is so convincing! And you are so brilliant to drill the top of the posts to look like metal pipes!!! I will not try to guess Who or what you are making next.... I am sure to get it wrong!
I hope the weather cools down for you.... we are hoping for some warmer days, it was very chilly here this week!

Doug S zei

Hey Illona! Your chicken run looks so delightfully used! The Wire Gauze and Skewers work great to create the effect of an old wire fence. And it is true that those chickens look like they are quite contented with their home.

As far as what you are making, I have thought quite a lot, and I don't think it is a person... but I can't come up with ANYTHING else that makes sense. So you are going to have to tell us when you decide to...

Enjoy the sunshine!


Rosethé zei

Beau poulailler pour jolis poulets ;)
Le personnage semble imposant ... en rapport avec le cyclope ?
Bisous. Joce

Susanna Zanchi zei

Bellissimo pollaio con i polli liberi e felici bravissima come sempre Ilona! Baci e buon weekend!

PILAR6373 zei

menudo espacio tienen tus pollos y gallinas,para crecer felices,no les falta de nada,hasta esa deliciosa col rizada con la que habrán tenido un buen festín!!!!!
Tu nuevo logro adivinar que es!!

Lili56 zei

Très beau poulailler, les poulets ont un espace supplémentaire au soleil, ils sont chanceux

claude zei

quel réalisme !

Fabiola zei

Your chicken run is so realistic. Great work!
Maybe, the character is the owner of the chicken run...

Jane Smith zei

Wow, just so wonderful. The shots look so life like. At the very least your work should be in a museum for others to expieriece in person!

Is it terrible to say I love your poop? Well I do, the birds have been fed very well and it shows! Hahaha*

Certainly a older lady feeds these birds, that what i see in this sneak peek shot!

BiWuBär zei

This is the way chicken should be raised!!! You're not forgetting anything to make your feathered friends happy, I bet Grandma will have to look for recipes where many eggs are involved... I foresee a lot of pancakes for the grandchildren coming! *LOL* Wonderful, wonderful work as always! (Strange... I have a feeling I have said this before??? *grin*) And about your other WIP... well, I'd guess Mr. Cyclops gets a body to rest his eye on - I'm curious to see the solution of this little riddle.


*Mieke*Petitevictorianrose*and*PastTimeChildhood zei

Lieve Ilona, wat een prachtige kippenren, het ziet er allemaal heel realistisch uit inclusief de poepjes :)
Met dit warme weer zul je mij ook niet snel buiten aan treffen, ik blijf ook liever binnen uit de zon, eerlijk gezegd heb ik liever herfst en winter :)
Ik wens je een fijn en niet te warm weekend.

Lieve groetjes Mieke

Drora's minimundo zei

Unlike yourself, the chickens seem to have fun enjoying the sun. Wonderful work, as always. We had a few unbearable hot days a week ago and I understand what you mean.
If it's not Mr. Cyclops, can be a witch in the making?
Hugs, Drora

Winkel's Crazy Ideas zei

Hello, just popping in to say hello and admire your work again. Your little chickens look so happy in their run. That last picture makes me think "Wizard"? Look forward to see when you reveal what it is :). Wish you a lovely weekend and hope your hay fever gets better soon. It is quite cold here still and we have a fire lit in the old house this evening. Pam xx

anna zei

Thank you so much dear Ilona for your kind greetings and visit to my blog :) I havent been around much, too much work in real life . But today i came to see your blog many lovely things to see again! I am always amazed with your "wonders" and beautiful work! I hope you are ok now...i read about surgery too... ?

Many many kind greetings , Anne

Plushpussycat zei

Fantastic realism on the poop-covered stairs leading to the chicken run, Ilona! Wow! I think your next project looks like a doll with white hair. Looking forward to seeing more. xo Jennifer

Joc zei

Superbe, c'est toujours aussi réaliste ! Il n'y en a surement pas beaucoup qui ont des poules au 1/12 qui salissent autant leur poulailler.

Margriet zei

Akelig hè, die hooikoorts, ik weet er helaas alles van :-( Maar je kippetjes zitten er in elk geval lekker bij!!!

Angelsdoor * Penny zei

Hellow dear friend,
I just love your chicken run you have created! Everything you make is so very realistic, and Pat's chickens are fantastic...

Tatiana zei

Привет Илона!
Вы сделали такой реальный курятник! Браво! Все, все реально!!!:) :) :)
Ваши курицы настолько счастливы, что забыли снести яйца????
Вы задали вопрос! Я думаю, что бы вы не сделали, это будет высокохудожественно и талантливо!

Giac zei

Hallo Ilona,
Ik hou van dat je van ieder klein detail. Uw miniatuur schermen kijken zo realistisch. ik hou ervan! Ik denk het laatste beeld is een maïskolf.

Contrastes-Rosa Mª zei

He estado fuera unos días y que mejor noticia que ver de nuevo tus trabajos . Me alegro mucho que los problemas de salud estén resueltos, es la mejor noticia.
Tu modelado del cíclope es genial y tu gallinero muy real. Feliz día.Besos:-)

Isabel zei

Tus pollos se ven muy felices en el estupendo gallinero que le has hecho! Y el proyecto en el que estás se muy bien que debe ser, quizás el pelo de la cola de un caballo? :D
Besitos Isabel

Helma zei

Een mooie kippenren, Ilona. En ja het is al veelvuldig gezegd hierboven, je kipjes zijn om op te eten! En ja je laatste foto lijkt een zwerver van de achterzijde.....ik ben benieuwd!

Groetjes Helma

Lovejoy Bears zei

I am sorry for my late visit Ilona!! I love your amazing chicken run!! Everything you create is always so realistic!! I am excited about your work in progress and I really hope you don't suffer too much with the hayfever!! hugs ♥ Vicky ♥

Fabulously Small zei

hai Ilona, wat heb je dat prachtig gedaan, zó realistisch! En de poep en veren op de afrastering en de vloer binnen, echt geweldig gedaan! Oeh... raadseltje... eehmmmm... ik had echt geen flauw idee, maar na even kijken gok ik op een vogelverschrikker? Ben benieuwd, wordt vast prachtig!