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vrijdag 29 mei 2015

Maar één oog…?? / Just one eye…??

Ik ben een grote fan van Tanja: waar ze haar kunstwerken laat zien. Daarnaast deelt ze ook heel gul haar tutorials op youtube: 
Zo vond ik op youtube ook haar tutorial over het maken van fimo poppenogen, waarna ik dat eens geprobeerd heb, nou, dat was nog niet zo gemakkelijk, als het lijkt. En vooral niet, als je dat probeert met wat oude restantjes Fimoklei….:S!

I’m a big fan of Tanja of where she shows her artworks. In addition, she also shares her very generous tutorials on youtube:
So I also found on youtube her tutorial on how to make polymer clay doll eyes and I've tried it, well, it was not easy as it seems to be. And especially not, if you try to do this job with some old leftovers Fimo clay ... .:S!

Nadat ik het hele proces van samenstellen doorlopen had, dacht ik de rol klei uit te kunnen rollen tot een ‘cane’ (=een rolletje klei met een kleine diameter), in mijn geval dus met een iris erin. Omdat de gebruikte klei te oud was (óók na langdurig te hebben gekneed!), was het middelste gedeelte, de iris, verbrokkeld en kon ik er nog net één iris uithalen, die heel was :D!!
Maar ja, wat moet je nu met één oog…??

After I had gone through the whole process of putting together an iris, I thought I could roll out the clay to form a clay cane (=a roll of clay with a small diameter), in my case with an iris in the middle. Because the used clay was too old (also after prolonged kneading!), so the mid-section, the iris, was largely crumbled and I could just get one iris out of the clay cane, a good one :D!!
But what can you do with just one eye ...??

Juist, je maakt een éénoog, ofwel een cycloop :)! Op internet vond ik een plaatje van een hele vriendelijke cycloop en die heb ik geprobeerd te maken.

Exactly, you make a one-eyed, or a Cyclops :)! On the internet I've found this picture of a friendly cyclops and I've tried to make him.

Voor het bakken…/ Before baking…

Geschilderd met acryl verf / Painted with acrylic paint

En zó ziet ie eruit op een zilveren (Fimoklei) presenteerblaadje ;)!
Dank voor jullie fijne reacties op mijn vorige bericht. Fijn weekend allemaal :D!

And this how he looks on a silver (Fimo clay) salver ;)!
Thank you for your nice comments on my previous post. I wish you all a nice weekend :D!


32 opmerkingen:

Eloisa zei

Ha quedado genial, me gusta mucho.

miniaturista zei

Explendido resultado.
Un abrazo

The Old Maid zei

Nice work and errr nice cyclops! Great work!

Isabel Ruiz zei

No puedo decir que sea guapo, pero el trabajo de moldeado es perfecto.

Unknown zei

OK, now you are getting into my territory! I totally love your Cyclops! He looks good enough to eat! :0)


Angelsdoor * Penny zei

Dear Ilona,
Now THAT is a Cyclops! And I love that he is a kind one. teee
Thank you so much for visiting and leaving such a kind note... I really enjoyed needle felting that boot... I am so happy you enjoyed.
I have missed you too! So good to be back.
Love and blessings,

Rosethé zei

Ah ah, nouveau projet effrayant ou ... pas, avec ce géant à un oeil !
Belle tête de cyclope !!!
Bises.Joce zei

Ciclope di Ulisse bravissima!!!! Kiss

carmen zei

buen divertimento!

thea zei

Heel creatief bedacht Ilona en het kopje is apart mooi geworden.

Gr. Thea

claude zei

your cyclops is amazing realism, bravo for the expression and the eye
have a pleasant weekend

Drora's minimundo zei

I had to smile Ilona. With one I you could also do a "Moshe Dayan" (Israel's famous one-eyed general). I love your Cyclop, he's very cute.
Hugs, Drora

Plushpussycat zei

Very creative idea making the Cyclops, Ilona! You never cease to surprise and delight me on your blog! :-) xo Jennifer

Lovejoy Bears zei

Your cyclops is amazing Ilona!! A wonderful idea for using your eye :) You are so talented with your use of fimo and attent ion to tiny details!! Everything you create is stunning!! Hugs ♥ Vicky ♥

Maria Ireland zei

Your Cyclops is fantastic and looks very cute :))) Ilona even from something that "didn't work" you created something magical.Fantastic job.
Hugs Maria

Fabiola zei

Your cyclops is amazing. I'm speechless!

Angelsdoor * Penny zei

How kind of you to visit. How very sweet of you, Ilona... Thank you! Yes, no worries now, there is light..

BiWuBär zei

You got me ROFLing on the floor... that's soooooo you - turning a little mishap into a big success. That cyclops is such a wonderful idea and I praise the old polymer clay for only allowing you to get only one single eye out of it. Mr. Cyclops would have been missed otherwise, what a great sculpt! Nevertheless Drora's suggestion made me giggle too - maybe you should keep Moshe Dayan in mind for the next time when the clay is not willing to give you more than one eye... *LOL*


Timea zei

Hi Ilona.
WOW . What a Cyclops . Its a good idea , looking forward to see him
finished ....
Congratulation on your publication . You deserved it.
You have to feel so proud .

Unknown zei

Oh he is a fantastic fantasy fellow! I do love your carved creatons this gent looks like he is the start to great things already!

*Mieke*Petitevictorianrose*and*PastTimeChildhood zei

Lieve Ilona, ik zie nu pas dat ik een post gemist heb, wat ben ik blij te lezen dat het weer goed met je gaat en dat je weer terug bent :)
Wat een idee zeg om een cycloop te maken, gelukkig ziet hij er inderdaad vriendelijk uit en hij is prachtig gelukt.
Ik wens je nog een hele fijne week :)

Lieve groetjes Mieke

17-17 zei

Ha ha :-) Ilona, you have crazy ideas :-) and yes, your Cyclops is very friendly. By the way, well done.

Warm hugs!

Margriet zei

ooooooh, geweldig!!!! Ik vind je cycloop-hoofd echt prachtig en hij heeft een mooi oog :-)

Daydreamer zei

Ilona, this is just crazy!!! Not only do you try to make your own "eyes", but you end up making a Cyclops when only one eye works!!! Now you will have a Cyclops Monster wandering around your Studio... crying out for a body and then he will need a house....It will never end!!! Ha ha! Will he need a Mrs. Cyclops too??? Ilona, I can see you are in trouble here! LOL! It is a good thing he is a friendly monster....!

Tatiana zei

Привет Илона! Ваш рассказ заставил меня смеяться!:) :) :) Вы так находчивы! А если бы у вас получилось сделать три глаза??? :) :) :)

Hannah zei

I'm a fan of her work too, so many great tutorials! And how easy it looks, but once I try, it's so much harder that it looked =) I had the same problem, the iris was all crumbled.. But I think your eye looks great, I'm glad you got one good eye at least!! =) (And it's easier with just one, you don't have to match it with another one, that's so hard, to get two just like one another..)
Your friendly cyclops looks great! You sculpt such great faces!

Unknown zei

Your sculpting skills are amazing but you proved that on other dolls too. Well done for finding a solution to a problem.....just one eye.....what to do? Do a one eyed creature!!! He looks just great!!! Very well done!!! Hugs!!

Unknown zei

Your sculpting skills are amazing but you proved that on other dolls too. Well done for finding a solution to a problem.....just one eye.....what to do? Do a one eyed creature!!! He looks just great!!! Very well done!!! Hugs!!

Unknown zei

Your sculpting skills are amazing but you proved that on other dolls too. Well done for finding a solution to a problem.....just one eye.....what to do? Do a one eyed creature!!! He looks just great!!! Very well done!!! Hugs!!

Piikko zei

Cyclop! :D Ilona, you really have a talent. It is not every body who can change an old clay to CYCLOP! Great work.:)
It's great to hear that you are doing well. I wish you lovely spring days!
Hugs, piikko

Sarah zei

He is fantastic, I was fascinated by the Cyclops in the film Krull, when I was a child, yours reminds me of him :D You've been so busy, the chicken coop looks fantastic and big congratulations having your work featured in the magazine.

Sarah :)

Fabulously Small zei

haha, goed van je, van een flinke tegenvaller gewoon iets anders maken, doar hold ik van :D en ik vind het geweldig goed gelukt joh! Jee, zoveel detail op zo'n klein hoofdje..