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zaterdag 27 januari 2018

Mijn mini roodborstje / My miniature robin

Sinds een paar jaar heb ik al een miniatuur roodborstje gemaakt en bewaard in een doosje.
Nadat ik een deurkrans had gemaakt in miniatuur, waarop ik verdord eikenblad had bevestigd, wilde ik naast de veertjes nog iets subtiels toevoegen, maar wat…? Of ik er nu voor gekozen heb, of niet, mijn roodborstje vloog er vanzelf in ;)!
Sorry, voor de slechte kwaliteit van de foto's, het was/is hier donkergrijs weer: slechte foto's :(

A few years ago I made a robin/redbreast in miniature and I kept it in a small box.
After I recently made a miniature door wreath, wheron I put weathered oak leaves, I wanted to add something subtile after I added some tiny feathers, but what…? But if I chose for it, or I didn’t, my robin itself flew in the wreath ;)!
Sorry, for the poor quality of the pictures, the weather was/is dark and grey: bad pictures :(

Ik dacht dat het de krans wel een fijn plekje vond, maar nee, het was hierom: stukje appel!! 
Slim vogeltje, hè ;)??
Het mesje en het houten bord is van Miniatur Puppenwelt Wengen, website:  
De appel is gemaakt door mij, het is van Fimoklei.

I thought that the robin did like the spot, but no, it flew into the wreath for this: a slice of apple!! Clever bird, isn’t it ;)??

The knife and the wooden plate is from Miniatur Puppenwelt Wengen, website:  
The apple is made by me, it’s made from Fimo clay.

Hier kun je de achterkant van de krans zien, ik heb het gevlochten uit bloemendraad.
Here you can see the backside of the wreath,it’s braided by me, from floral wire.

En omdat het hier in Nederland absoluut geen winter is momenteel en het ene warmterecord na het andere sneuvelt, hoeven we deze winter tot zover niet voor de vogels te zorgen, dat kunnen ze prima zelf. 
Dit weekend is weer de nationale tuinvogeltelling, zie hier voor meer informatie:
Welkom aan mijn nieuwe volgers, dank voor jullie fijne reacties.
Fijn weekend gewenst!

And because here, in the Netherlands, there is absolutely no winter at this moment and we have one heat record after another, we don't have to take much care for the birds so far in this winter, they can do that themselves very well. 
In The Netherlands we have each year in this weekend, a national counting of  birds in the garden (how many and what sort of birdsspecies)! If you’re interested, see here:
Warm welcome to my new followers, thank you for your nice comments.
Have a nice weekend!


21 opmerkingen:

Blueprint Minis zei

Ilona your little robin is wonderful! I love his new home on the wreath. :) Excellent Fimo Apple slices also. No wonder the Robin wanted some. :D

Isabel Ruiz Alonso zei

Es una preciosidad!!!

PILAR6373 zei

Ese precioso petirrojo ha sabido buscar muy bien su hogar,es una maravilla!!!

Susanna Zanchi zei

Wonderful!!! Kiss

Drora's minimundo zei

The tiny robin looks so well frames in a wreath. Both the bird and the apples are simply stunning. Great work as always!
Hugs, Drora

miniacollection zei

Really gorgeous!!!

claude zei

a beautiful job, the robin is beautiful!
bon dimanche

Piikko zei

What a beautiful and cute robin!
We also have bird counting weekend now.
I didn't go out today but I have counted one bird.
Robin! :)
Hugs, piikko

Helma zei

Prachtige deurkrans is het geworden en ja jet roodborstje maakt het echt af!
Lieve groet Helma

Virginia Isabel zei

Muy bonita la corona, pero la tabla con la manzana me encanta.

carmen zei

me encanta la corona, la tabla de manzanas y el petirrojo!!

Fabiola zei

The wreath amazing and the robin looks real.

Contrastes-Rosa Mª zei

Preciosa corona con el petirrojo y la idea de ponerlo comiendo una manzana, muy original .Perfecta también la tabla de manzana.feliz domingo .Besos:-)

Angelsdoor * Penny zei

Dear Ilona,
Truly an amazing job you did on the wreath and Robin.
Sorry it took me so long to thank you for your visit and most kind words about Jane. Little Lily came out to visit with her mom for a few days last week.
It was such a joy to have her here.

Susi zei

The new home of Robin looks amazing and I think he is going to be very happy there! Beautiful colors, they go so well together! Thank you so much for the Tuinvogeltelling link, I did not know about this and already made my contribution from what I had seen today from my window. From my kitchen, when preparing breakfast or lunch, I always look out for the two black cats of my neighbor and at the same time, I always see some birds. I saw a Bloomklever today (although this one I'm only 90% sure, it is so small!), then we have some halsbandparkiets normally (did not see them today though), and of course I saw the same two merels like everyday! I bet there has been more during the day, will keep an eye on it!

Rosethé zei

Cet adorable oiseau a trouvé un très beau refuge, la couronne !
Bises. Joce

BiWuBär zei

Robins are for sure among my most favourite birds... and having our own robin in mind I can only agree that these tiny guys are very smart. So I'm not surprised that your lovely robin helped itself into your wreath to deal with the apple slice. Beautiful pictures!


Giac zei

Hallo Ilona,
Ik ben betoverd door je roodborstje. Het is zo goed gedaan en delicaat. de scène met de gestolen appel is geweldig. Ik hou van dit fantastische en zeer mooie stuk. Goed gedaan!
Grote knuffel

Daydreamer zei

Dear Ilona, your tiny robin has found himself the perfect perch! Your robin is so different from ours... ours are bigger and the breast is entirely rusty red while the head and back are slate gray! I think yours is much cuter! LOL! Our weather has been milder this week, but snow and cold is supposed to return soon. I hope you enjoy the opportunity to get outside! Around here there is the "Christmas" bird count done the day after Christmas. It proves who is migrant and who stays year round. Clearly, your Robin knows where to find his dinner! :)

Elizabeth S zei

For Years I thought that there was only one kind of Robin and that was the kind I see visiting my garden here in Western Canada, but a couple of years ago, I found to my surprise that there is a compact European robin as well as our North American variety which are bigger, with a broader red breast a more intense coloring.
Your mini bird is actually the perfect size for your autumn wreath Ilona, and it has found a safe haven from any thing which may try to steal his treasured bit of tasty apple away. ;D

Nono zei

Jouw roodborstje is geweldig gemaakt, en heeft een goeie plaatst gevonden om stukje appel te eten! Alles is zo poetisch...