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dinsdag 13 oktober 2015

De herfst is nu echt begonnen... / Autumn has really started now...

Vandaag was het behoorlijk koud in Nederland, dat was ook te merken aan de vogels die in mijn bloementuin beschutting en wat te eten kwamen zoeken. Overal werden er insecten vandaan getoverd en mijn vuurdoorn werd druk bezocht, vanwege zijn vuurrode bessen J!

Today it was quite cold in The Netherlands and this was also noticed by the birds, who came to my garden for some shelter and finding some food. They picked insects from every corner they could find and they also visited my Pyracantha, because of its flaming red berries J!

In het buitengebied zijn op dit moment veel lijsterbessen, ze zijn een voedselbron voor allerlei soorten vogels. Dat was een van de redenen om eens een lijsterbes na te maken in miniatuur. Nou, dat heb ik geweten.........dát was me een gepriegel ;)!

Here, in the countryside are lots of rowans at this moment, they're a good source of food for all kind of birds. That was one of the reasons for trying to create a rowan branch in miniature. Well, if I knew what I now was quite fiddling ;)!

Ineens herinnerde ik me dat ik ergens nog een mooi vaasje had van Elisabeth Causeret, maar het opzoeken in alle rommel duurde wel eventjes ;)

Suddenly I remembered me that I had a nice small vase, it’s made by Elisabeth Causeret. But looking it up in all of the mess took me some time ;)

Nadat ik blauwe hydrangea’s had gemaakt, wilde ik er ook een paar met zacht roze bloemen maken. Eerst even goed in mijn echte tuin gekeken voor de kleuren (deze dus niet, tuurlijk ;O), toen vond ik deze slaperige gast ;)!

After I’ve made blue hydrangeas, I wanted to make some with delicate pink flowers too. First of all I took a good look in my real garden for the colors (not this one, of course ;O), when I found this sleepy guy ;)!

Vergeef me de slechte weergave van de tere roze kleur, die hier op de foto’s veel harder uitkomt dan dat ie in werkelijkheid is. Ik vermoed dat het te maken heeft met fotograferen op een nogal donkere dag, zoals vandaag……L

Please, do forgive me the poor pictures of the delicate pink color. This pink color looks on the pictures so much brighter than it is in reality. I think that it is because of taking pictures on a very dark day as it was today……L.

Vliegenzwam / Fly agaric

Koraalzwammetje / Yellow Stagshorn

Op zoek naar lijsterbessen (voor een voorbeeldfoto) stond ik per ongeluk bijna op dit kleine zwammetje, feloranje stond het te gloeien op een stronk van een gekapte lariks: prachtig mooi, hè?!
Zoals altijd dank voor jullie fijne reacties, fijne week allemaal :D!!

On my search for rowans (for taking some pictures), I stood nearly on this small fungus, glowing bright orange it stood there on a stump of a felled larch: beautiful, isn’t it?!
As usual, I want to say thank you for your nice comments, wishing you all a great week :D!!


30 opmerkingen:

elizabeth s zei

Hi Ilona! Your berry branch is Perfect and the vase that you have displayed it in is such a wonderful compliment to the shape and the delicacy of the stem of red berries. It is wondrous to watch the birds in the garden. I have a sparrow that comes to sing on one particular tree branch every day, and he sings a song before he flies off again. Seeing your bumble bee in amongst the hydrangea blossoms was such a sweet surprise. Your pink hydrangea turned out to be STUNNING! I LOVE them. I currently have about 20 of these shrubs in my Real Life garden and their colors range from blue to mauve, deep pink and burgundy!

Winkel's Crazy Ideas zei

I do think your flowers are absolutely fabulous, those rowan berries...they are so tiny and so perfect. No rowan berries here - big or small. Tonight there is frost again and ice on my car, starbright night sky. I am working on a Carl Larsson inspired outfit for a big art doll at the moment. Autumn is such a beautiful time of year isn't it. The colours on the fungus, red and yellow, are beautiful. Feel sad that the swallows have left for warmer countries, they will be back though, next year. Take care friend and goodnight from Norway xx

Contrastes-Rosa Mª zei

Perfectas, siempre es un placer ver tus trabajos. Tanto las bayas como las hortensias,te han quedado genial. Las fotos muy acordes con la estación que estamos ,muy bonitas. Besos:-)

Rosethé zei

Bonjour Ilona,
l'automne est une saison magique, ici, les arbres commencent à se parer de leurs jolies couleurs mordorées.
Il fait un peu frais le matin. Mais nous avons beaucoup de soleil les après-midi.
J'adore vos branches de sorbier ! Les hortensias "rose fané" sont superbes.
Bonne journée ! Bises. Joce

mcddiss zei

creo que has hecho un trabajo genial con esas bayas y las hortensias , se ven geniales

me encantan el resto de las fotos , gracias por compartirlas



Pepper zei

The Rowan looks fab, as does the Hydranga. It's surprising just how much colour you see in Autumn =0)

Tatiana zei

Привет Илона! Я сожалею, что наступила осень. Зима, как неизбежность, идет следом. Яркие ягоды рябины являются последним летним подарком. Реальные ягоды спасут птиц, а ваша мини рябина будет согревать душу зимой! Я представляю, как сложно делать такие мелкие ягоды. С другой стороны, это наслаждение.
Я люблю ваши фотографии. Сонный парень в ваших цветах выглядит отлично! :) :) :) Ваши цветы, как всегда, великолепны!
Хорошей недели!

Kleine Vingers zei

De lijsterbes is schitterend!Groeten zei

Flowers perfects dear Ilona! Kiss

Joc zei

J'aime tous les bouquets de baies rouges mais j'aurais du mal à faire aussi petit que les tiennes, elles sont vraiment réussies.
J'aime aussi beaucoup tes hortensias plats.

Melli zei

Your flowers always are perfect! Hugs, Melli

Drora's minimundo zei

The berries are so beautiful, both real size and minis.
I love your mini hydrangeas, their colors are perfect. Your photos are great, expecially the one with sleepy guy. Thanks for sharing.
Hugs, Drora

les mains calmes zei

Coucou Ilona,
Tes fleurs et tes photos de nature sont MAGNIFIQUES! Merci de prendre le temps de nous les faire partager...

Lovejoy Bears zei

Your rowan branch is so beautiful Ilona!! I wish I could have seen all the lovely birds in your garden, you know how much I adore them :)
and your pale pink hydrangeas are stunning and so realistic!! As always your talent amazes me :) Love and hugs ♥ Vicky ♥

The Old Maid zei

Fab plants! I just LOVE your works, Ilona! Really fab!

Plushpussycat zei

Gorgeous work, Ilona! Everything looks magnificent! xo Jennifer

Isabel Ruiz zei

Precioso trabajo.

Maria Ireland zei

If you had not put the coin beside your branch I would have thought it was a real size one wow perfect Ilona. Your pink hydrangea's are gorgeous. I love the Autumn for its always amazing colours your pictures are very beautiful.
Hugs Maria

BiWuBär zei

As always you've managed to create wonderful miniatures of the plants and flowers inspiring you. Your pink hydrangea turned out so lovely and the rowan branch was worth every fiddling being needed. In German we call it "Vogelbeere" (bird's berry), looking at your text it's similar in Dutch... well, the birds seem to know these expressions, don't you agree? Oh, and your mushroom finds are gorgeous... this yellow one looks like burning fire. Who knows... maybe there was an autumn fairy playing along in the woods... ;O)


Daydreamer zei

Dear Ilona, your Rowan berries are Absolutely Perfect!!! It always amazes me that you get every detail so precise and real looking!!! I am astonished again and again... and inspired to try to be more precise in my own work! The fungus you found in your Autumn walk is fantastic too.... are you making them mini too??? LOL! It is finally full autumn color in my neighborhood.... and we might have snow on the weekend too..... not my favorite thing this early!

Angelsdoor * Penny zei

Dear Ilona,
They look just like the real thing! You always amaze me. Such beautiful photos. Thank you so much for sharing.

PILAR6373 zei

Aquí en el País Vasco también ha llegado el otoño,llevamos unos días en los que el frío en la mañana se ha dejado notar!!
Me encantan tus fotos de los árboles y plantas,pero mucho más tus reproducciones de ellas en miniatura,la rama de serval me ha encantado especialmente!! es maravillosa!!! Tus hortensias son una delicia en cualquier color que las hagas!!!!!

Marisa Minilys-Miniatures zei

Maravillosas creaciones! un abrazo, Marisa

Fabiola zei

I like the beautiful real and mini berries.
Your mini hydrangeas look perfect and the color is amazing.
Such beautiful photos.

Fabulously Small zei

Hi Ilona, wat mooi gemaakt zeg, maar ik kan me voorstellen dat dat niet makkelijk was, 't is zo klein! Staat prachtig zo gedrapeerd over de vingerhoed en in dat vaasje. De hydrangea's zijn ook prachtig, lijkt me ook een gepriegel zeg.. :D En wat een mooie foto's van de vliegenzwam en de koraalzwam, wat een exotische is die laatste, wist niet dat het bestond, maar prachtig! Dank voor het delen :D

Piikko zei

Ilona dear, your favorite color is blue. Mine is pink. I said before that your blue hydrangeas are perfect. Now I say that these pink ones are super perfect! <3
-Our rowans don't have a lot of berries this autumn. Old and wise people use to say that rowans won't carry two.. berries and snow. Let's see if they are right! I wish they are wrong. I do not need a lot of snow. :D
Have a great weekend!

Christel zei

Dearest Ilona, I am humbled! You come to compliment my works, and you create these PERFECT tiny pieces!! Oh my goodness! Your work is so good! Thank you for the lovely messages, I truly appreciate them. :)

claude zei

beautiful flowers beautifully staged
have a nice day

Jonquil zei

Hi Illona,

the berries you made are just the perfect colour of red, so lovely in the Autumn, and they go so well with the blue vase... I also love your hydrangeas - I think you have made the most precise and perfect miniature hydrangeas I have ever seen... your flowers are always so wonderful, but this time I think you have surpassed yourself!



Sanne zei

I don't understand how you do these, I'm sure you have magic fingers :) so adorable. Hugs Sanne