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vrijdag 20 maart 2015

Lui /Lazy

Afgelopen week heb ik niet veel gedaan in miniatuur: een beetje met dun karton en zand gespeeld én heel erg genoten  van paar warme, zonnige lentedagen J! Ik heb mijn fiets gepakt, de boel gelaten voor wat het was en ik ben gaan rondtoeren door het prachtige coulissen landschap, waarin ik mag wonen. Ik zal jullie een paar van de foto’s laten zien, die ik gemaakt heb onderweg. Zo kunnen jullie zien waar ik zoal mijn inspiratie vandaan haal voor de miniaturen die ik hier op mijn blog laat zien.

Last week I haven’t done much in miniature: I’ve played a bit with thin card board and sand, but I’ve also enjoyed very much of some warm, sunny spring days :)! I took my bike, left everything where it was and I've left for a bike tour along the beautiful scenic landscape, wherein I live (I feel so privileged). I’ll show you some of the pictures I took, while I was biking. That way you can see from where I've got my inspiration from, for making the miniatures I show you here on my blog.

Het veen / The peat

Fazant....als je goed kijkt / Pheasant....if you look well

Een vennetje / A fen

Links zie je nog net een van de karakteristiek kippenschuurtjes, zoals ik heb gemaakt in miniatuur
At the left you can see  one of the characteristic hen houses, just like I've made in miniature

Een paar reeën op een meter of 30 afstand op klaarlichte dag
A few roes at about 30 meters away in broad daylight

En nog geen 20 meter verder zie ik vers gelegde eitjes te koop ;)
And on less than 20 meters away of the roes I see these freshly laid eggs for sale ;)

Werk in uitvoering, nee, dit ben ik niet ;D! / Work in progress, no, this is not me ;D!

Vandaag was een gedeeltelijke zonsverduistering, helaas was het hier zwaar bewolkt, dus heb ik er niet veel van gezien, behalve op tv.
Zo, ik ga nu genieten van het weekend: fijn dagen allemaal :D!

Today there was a partial eclipse, unfortunately it was a dark cloudy day, so I haven’t seen anything, except on tv.
Now I'm going to enjoy the weekend: wishing you all a nice weekend too :D!


42 opmerkingen:

The Old Maid zei

I love the idea of selling eggs like that, though not sure if somoene wouldn't steal them. ;)
Can't wait to see your WIP and enjoy first days of Spring!

miniaturista zei

La naturaleza es la mejor maestra para crear en miniatura.
El eclipse tampoco he podido verlo al natural, que le vamos a hacer... el clima no es el apropiado.
Buen fin de semana.
UN abrazo

Contrastes-Rosa Mª zei

Un paisaje precioso, da gusto poder disfrutar tan cerca los ciervos.Muy curioso el detalle de la venta de huevos, poder comprar de esa forma tan directa.
Tu paseo en bicicleta ha sido un deleite.
Feliz fin de semana:-)

Paula zei

Nou, ik zou zo ook wel heerlijk lui kunnen zijn; groot gelijk.
Wat is de natuur toch altijd weer prachtig en jij woont wel in een hele mooie omgeving!Maxi is dan veeeeeel belangrijker dan mini...
Wij hadden het hier ook zwaar bewolkt maar werden vergast door Moeder Natuur op losse wolkenflarden en dit resulteerde in toch een paar mooie 'verduisterfoto's.
Gelukkig maar.
Dank voor je mooie foto's en je leuke verslag.

Groeten van Paula

Dorien Litjes zei

Dear Ilona,
What a nice pictures. I'm happy you still can bike. Eclipse ?? Where ?? It was so foggy. I didn't see it!!
Nice weekend for you also.
Hugs Dorien

Isabel Ruiz zei

Muy bonitas imágenes. Que disfrutes del fin de semana

Daydreamer zei

Your countryside is very lovely, Ilona! Right now we still have snow... it snowed again today... makes it hard to believe in Spring! But we are used to it here.... Spring never really comes until late April.... and if it comes sooner we are too amazed!
I think you have been very busy with your work in progress.... I LOVE it! Wish I was sitting there beside her with a blanket and the newspaper! LOL! I look forward to seeing more!

*Mieke*Petitevictorianrose*and*PastTimeChildhood zei

Lieve Ilona, je hebt helemaal gelijk hoor, met zulk mooi weer er lekker even op uit te gaan, zo kun je heerlijk je hoofd weer vrij krijgen voor nieuwe ideen :)
Wat woon je in een prachtige dat Brabant ?
Bedankt voor het delen van deze prachtige foto´s.
Ik wens je een hee fijn weekend.

Lieve groetjes Mieke

elizabeth s zei

Hi Ilona! I love the little bike tour through your Dutch countryside! The weather there looks as mild as it is here on the west coast of Canada. It has rained for most of today, but the sun was out almost everyday this past week, and it has been unusually warm.
I loved seeing the roadside fresh eggs for sale. I have never seen that method used before.
You have certainly tempted us with your weather and your scenery but I wonder, is the lady behind the newspaper yet another new surprise for us to enjoy? :D

Rosethé zei

Merci pour la très jolie balade champêtre !
J'ai eu la chance de voir l'éclipse, du début à la fin. Le ciel était dégagé. Un spectacle rare est si beau !
Bon week-end Ilona ! zei

Ciao Ilona bellissimi paesaggi fonte di ispirazione per le tue belle miniature buon weekend!

thea zei

Hallo Ilona, lui wezen met de mooie niets mis mee toch?
Ook al ben je het niet zelf, de foto is geweldig.
Jij woont in een heel mooi stukje Nederland, ben er haast jaloers op
Haast want ook hier hebben we hele mooie stukjes......
Fijn weekend

PILAR6373 zei

La inspiración para tus trabajos miniatura,vienen de un precioso paisaje,de las pequeñas cosas del día a día y de la primavera que ya va asomando por entre los brotes de las plantas,no hay mejor inspiración!!!!
Nosotros tampoco pudimos ver el eclipse,aquí también estuvo muy nublado y lloviendo.
Pasa un bonito fin de semana!!

carmen zei

hermosas imágenes ...

Xandra Dekker zei

Wat een prachtige omgeving woon je Ilona. Heerlijk zo midden in de natuur. Dat zie je niet in de randstad.

Fijn weekend Xandra

claude zei

Ilona thank you for sharing photos, nice walk in the countryside, beautiful pheasant
I admire the person who reads the newspaper;-)
have a good weekend

Unknown zei

Hi Ilona,
sorry for not commenting much)
These are beautiful landscapes! I'm so jelous of life like that, when you can simply go biking in March and see such a wonderful countryside! With our snow piles, still higher than my height, your walk seems so unbelievably cool :)))

The grandmommy zei

I like the beautiful clear blues skies the best! Everything looks so peaceful. The eggs say a lot. Like, there is trust and respect for the property of others. Again peace!

miniacollection zei

Thank you for your great photos! Selling eggs like this is really amazing.
I can't wait to see more of the woman, like this she looks so real.

Unknown zei

I love your photos, its nice to see some green about and that you could get out and enjoy some large inspiration for little things ;)

We just got ...more snow..I think my daughter will be hunting for eggs in the snow this snow boots..

I will think on your greenery and dream of bike rides for now ;)

Tatiana zei

О! Это большая интрига! Кто же это может быть! :) :) :)
Вы имеете прекрасную природу и возможность путешествовать на велосипеде! Я люблю весну! Все потихоньку просыпается. Я тоже просыпаюсь! :) :) :)
Я и мой сын наблюдали затмение солнца. Мы имели хорошую погоду и чистое небо!
Хороших выходных, Илона!

ANDA zei

Truly beautiful scenery!
Have a nice weekend!

Lili56 zei

Merci pour ces jolies photos Ilona et bon weekend ensoleillé
Bises, Lili

Lili56 zei

Merci pour ces jolies photos Ilona et bon weekend ensoleillé
Bises, Lili

BiWuBär zei

Good choice to leave everything where it was and go outside with your trusty bike for some good, fresh air, fantastic photos and loads of inspiration. It was funny reading in the comments that this egg-selling method is not very usual in other parts of the world - where, here where I live it is. And on our West coast in Dithmarschen where the farmers mostly grow all sorts of cabbage it's the common method to sell cabbage this way - they just put filled crates near the road where you can pick up a cabbage and put money in a tin. Oh, and not to forget - your work in progress looks VERY exciting! I'm really looking forward to seeing more of that lady which already looks great behind her newspaper!


12Create zei

Beautiful scenery. I love the little egg holder. That would make a lovely little miniature.

Maria Ireland zei

Wonderful pictures Ilona thanks for sharing. We are also having some beautiful spring weather. I cant wait to see who is hiding behind the paper :)))
Hugs Maria

Anna zei

thanks for that nice tour. o,yes..youmust take the days with sunshine and be outside!!! :) lets hops spring will be here soon! Many many greetings, Anne

Drora's minimundo zei

Lovely scenery! What a nice way to sell eggs! I hope you'll have many more sunny days. These bike tours seem to inspire your creativity. I look forward to see who the newspaper reading lady is.
Hugs, Drora

Piikko zei

Hello Ilona!
Thank you so much for sharing your bike tour! Beautiful photos.♥
-I also couldn't see solar eclipse. But that was because it was too shiny and I hadn't 'special classes'. My daughter(in Scotland) got a nice eclipse photo even it was a bit cloudy day there.
Have a lovely Sunday! :)
I'll soon go to our mini meeting. :)

Angelsdoor * Penny zei

thank you so much for sharing these great photos Ilona... And you sculpture is simply amazing!
it was so sweet of you to come for a visit.

Giac zei

Hallo Ilona,
Wat prachtige foto's! ze zijn erg inspirerend en mooie plaatsen.
Grote knuffel,

Plushpussycat zei

Gorgeous photos, Ilona! It is no wonder you are proud of where you live! I can understand why you're feeling "lazy." The weather and scenery are perfect for being out of doors. Enjoy! xo Jennifer

Sarah zei

The countryside around you is beautiful! I love seeing the places where you all live, and have been meaning to do a similar post (meaning to do a lot of things actually...) I'll have to remember to take the camera with me the next time the sun is out on a doggy walk :D

Lovejoy Bears zei

You live in such an amazingly beautiful and special place Ilona, your photos are gorgeous!! It is wonderful to love where you live and feel inspired by it. For me the sea is my constant inspiration!!
Love and hugs ♥ Vicky ♥

Natalia's Fine Needlework zei

What a nice biking trip! Very inspirational. Ilona, thank you for your comment! It made me feel better. Mini hugs, Natalia

Unknown zei

I've just decided I must move to the Netherlands. Any of those chicken coops open for rent? :0) What a beautiful place you live in!

Your environs there are what I dream of, especially on those rainy Seattle days!

Thanks for sharing this!


Linda zei

Beautiful photos. :)

Marisa Minilys-Miniatures zei

Hermosas fotos! Buen fin de semana, un abrazo, Marisa

Marisa Minilys-Miniatures zei

Hermosas fotos! Buen fin de semana, un abrazo, Marisa

Hannah zei

We had the partial eclipse too, with clouds, but I could see it =) Like a moon, it was quite cool, but I was expecting it to get much darker than it was =)
Looks like you had a good ride with your bike =) You seem to live in a wonderful place, I'd like to take a ride with my bike there too =)

Sanne zei

Wonderful country walk. So nostalgic. Love it.