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woensdag 31 december 2014

BOEM!!!!! / WHAM!!!!!

Toen ik vanmiddag wandelde langs omliggende boerderijen hoorde ik continue dit oorverdovende lawaai. In een aantal streken van Nederland is het traditie om het oude jaar uit te luiden door (vanuit lege ijzeren melkbussen) met carbid te ‘schieten’.  

The whole afternoon, when I walked along surrounding farms, I continuously heard this deafening noise. In some rural areas of The Netherlands it’s tradition for ending the Old Year by ‘shooting’ with carbide (out empty iron milk churns).
See here for more information: (unfortunately it is only in Dutch)

De melkbussen en de kruiwagen met voetballen staan hier al klaar
The milk churns and the wheelbarrow filled with footballs are ready

Warming up ;O!

Het schieten in volle gang!
The shooting!

Ik heb er wat foto’s van gemaakt, helaas had ik geen fototoestel bij me, dus moest ik mijn oude mobiele telefoon gebruiken. De boerderijen liggen wat van de weg af, dus is het niet zo goed te zien.

I’ve made some pictures, but unfortunately I left my photo camera at home, so I had to use my old cell phone. The farms lie somewhat off the road, so you can't see it very well.

Helaas waren er ook veel geschrokken dieren, zoals deze ree, die op klaarlichte dag het struikgewas verliet om in allerijl zich ergens anders beter te kunnen verbergen…..

Unfortunately there were also many frightened animals, such as this roe-deer, she left the bushes in broad daylight hoping to hide herself better somewhere else…..

Langs de Duitse grens wandelend zag ik nog deze twee ondeugende jongens: ze proberen ook om hun voetbal uit een melkbus te schieten…….ze hebben nog niet door hoe het echt moet. Bovendien hadden ze geen carbid én ook geen vergunning hiervoor gekregen, hihihi! 
Ik denk dat Barney zich niet helemaal op zijn gemak voelde met dit avontuur, want hij stond pal achter Schepje, alsof hij zijn schaduw was :D!

When I walked along the German border I saw these two naughty guys: they also tried to shoot their football out of an empty milk churn ......they didn’t understand how to do this. Moreover they haven't got a license for shooting with carbide, or the stuff itself, hehehe! 
I think especially Barney was not completely at ease with this adventure, because he stood right behind Schepje, as if he was his shadow :D!

Ik wens jullie allemaal / I wish you all


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shannonc60 zei

Happy new year Ilona! It does sound very noisy! We just had an endlessly barking dog where we are! Hope it's a good year for you.

My Realitty zei

Happy New Year "Ring out the olde and ring in the New!" Ou tradition s to pop corks! ;) CM

Marit zei

Jij ook een knalgoed 2015! Hier in het dorp waren ze ook bezig, de ruiten trilden soms bij ons op 2 km afstand!

Helma zei

Alvast een gelukkig en gezond nieuwjaar, Ilona
Het zal wel lekker knallen bij jullie in de buurt.

Lieve groetjes Helma

Daydreamer zei

Happy New Year, Ilona!!!
This is very funny...naughty little Snowman... scaring his best buddy too!
I have never heard of this shooting from milk cans!
We just get fireworks all over the neighborhood... even though they are not "legal"... people buy them in neighboring states where it IS legal... and bring them back here!
I hope you have a Wonderful 2015 filled with fun, and minis of course!

Melli zei

Happy New Year, dear Ilona, best wishes from Hungary! Hugs, Melli

Anoniem zei

Ik kende deze traditie nog niet! Leuke foto's :-). Een heel gelukkig nieuwjaar ook voor jou, maak er een feest van!

Winkel's Crazy Ideas zei

Think I actually understood that last bit in Dutch - En knallgod 2015 - in Norwegian :) the same to you and all your tiny friends. Pam xx

Marisa Minilys-Miniatures zei

How curious had not seen anything like it. An original way to welcome the new year. Happy New Year 2015 !! a hug, Marisa

Nono zei

Dat lijkt me een beetje gevaarlijk? En zeker niet plezant voor de dieren in de buurt...
Happy Nieuwjaar, lieve Ilona!!!

The Old Maid zei

People seem to be mosta creative creatures of all... never heard about shooting from milk cans before. ;)
Have a very happy New Year Ilona!

Anna zei

Thats a funny tradition! Very creative..and also logical, as there are many cows and milkcans in your country! First time i hear of it so thank you for that! :) Wishing you a very very happy, blessed and healthy NEW YEAR with many wonderful ideas! :)

Mini Addictions zei

What a very interesting tradition! It must have been very scary for the animals. Where I live in Georgia, people not only shoot fireworks, but also shotguns so there were many "booms" heard here too. Happy New Year!

Piikko zei

What a tradition! I didn't know this before. Again I learnt something new: what a good way to star The New Year!
-And those two fellows.. ♥ If I was there I probably was like shadow behind Barney. :D
Ilona, I wish you and to your family the best year ever! ♥

17-17 zei

Wow! shooting from milk cans is very crazy idea, and little risky, but New Year is only one day in year, so why not? :-D
Happy New Year Ilona!
big hugs

Paula zei

Een heel goed en mooi 2015!!

Groeten van Paula

Tatiana zei

С Новым 2015 годом, Илона!
Самые лучшие пожелания!
Мне нравится ваш рассказ. Я такого никогда не видела.
Ваш Snowman очень храбрый!

Catherine / Mooghiscath zei

Bonne année , c'est dangereux ce truc !!

claude zei

thank you for sharins, How interesting tradition
the little boys are very nice
happy new year

miniacollection zei

Happy New Year to you and yours!
Thank you for telling us of another tradition!

BiWuBär zei

Looks like we all learned something... *LOL* - I hadn't heard of this habit either. Well, maybe better than the fireworks leaving all this rubbish on the streets. And you really gave me a good grin with the photos of those two rascals... *teehee* Barney is lucky being able to hide behind Schepje... - Happy New Year to you and yours, here's to many creative time and better health!


Unknown zei

Hi Ilona! What we do for our traditions, huh? Our whole family (and a few assorted friends) were outside New Year's Eve at midnight, in 20 degree weather (COLD) watching fireworks my son brought home with him! We had a 4 year old in the crowd, and the biggest treat was seeing the glow of wonder in his eyes. Wonderful!

At any rate, I love learning about your traditions, and seeing how they compare to ours in the States. They all have in common some wonderful fun times and bit of noise, I notice!

Have a great 2015!


Drora's minimundo zei

I love to learn about your traditions.
This sounds like a lot of fun.
I had to laugh at the funny little
scene you created.
Hugs, Drora

Cinderella Moments zei

That's very interesting. Who would have thought! Your countryside is so beautiful and green too! Everything is yellow here in Texas.
Happy New Year!

Lili56 zei

Meilleurs voeux pour 2015 Ilona

Isabel Ruiz zei

Te deseo un maravilloso año 2015!!!

carmen zei

feliz año nuevo!

Hairy Caveman zei

Happy New Year! Have a wonderful 2015! Shooting footballs out of milk churns? I haven't heard of that tradition before! Very ingenious!
Kind regards, Brian.

Vivian Fox zei

Happy New Year Ilona.....

Maria Ireland zei

Thanks for sharing your traditions I never heard of this it sounds like a lot of fun :)) We usually have some fireworks and people who are at home go outside at 12 and bang pots and pans together noisy :D Wishing you a wonderful Healthy 2015.
Hugs Maria

Plushpussycat zei

Thanks for sharing this interesting tradition, Ilona! I feel sorry for the animals and elderly and terminally ill people at these times of year. The noise is very disturbing. We have fireworks here, and they really make a lot of noise. Oh well, it is usually just twice a year here (new year and Independence Day). Happy new year! xo Jennifer

Angelsdoor * Penny zei

Happy New Year, dear Ilona!
Now this is a tradition I had never heard of before... I think your photos were very good.
Wishing you the very best of everything in 2015.. Where or where does the time go?

Thank you so much for you most welcome visit.. I am so happy you enjoyed!

Margaret zei

That looks aabit scary to me Ilona, love your photos of the countryside though, seems a lovely place to live. Your bricks in the latest post are looking good. Happy New Year wishes to you.