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maandag 28 januari 2013

Luciferkopjes / Match heads

Begin Januari heb ik jullie een witte cyclaam laten zien met het voornemen ook een rode variant te maken. Tijdens het maken van deze plant deden de bloedrode bloemen me denken aan luciferkopjes.
Deze rode cyclaam heeft echter twee gezichten: aan een kant zie je de plant, zoals hij er uit ziet als je hem goed verzorgd…

In the first week of January I showed to you a white cyclamen with the intention to make a red version. Whilst making this plant the red flowerheads did me make think of match heads.
However this red cyclamen has two faces: at one side you see the plant, like he looks if you treat him well….

Maar bij slechte verzorging zie je dit / But after bad care you see this

……verlepte en geel verkleurde blaadjes! / ……wilted and yellowing leaves!

Gezien mijn slechte resultaten met het houden van échte cyclamen, wilde ik de laatste cyclaam (die uiteindelijk toch nog de geest gaf) toch nog vereeuwigen ;)

Given my bad results with keeping real life cyclamen, I still wanted this last cyclamen (which finally did expire) to immortalize ;)!

Ik wens jullie een fijne week,

I wish you all a nice week,


33 opmerkingen:

Plushpussycat zei

Wow, Ilona! I don't know how you do it! You are extraordinarily talented! xo Jennifer

Kim zei

sooo beautiful Ilona! Makes me think of when I worked at the flower shop and we would get them in to sell. Yours are a perfect replica-right down to those yellow leaves that occasionally happen :) Wonderful, wonderful work!!!

Contrastes-Rosa Mª zei

Precisas, te han quedado espectaculares, felicidades:)

Melli´s Hobby zei

How do you do this!!! It´s fantastic!!! Looks so real!!

BiWuBär zei

This is so damn realistic - especially for me, because I'm known for changing the leaves of cyclamen from grey-green to yellow in a wink of an eye... (LOL). It's always a pleasure to see your mini-flowers, perfect copies of nature.


Rosamargarita zei

Son ambas unas plantas y flores maravillosas y muy pequeñas.
Son tan reales!
Un abrazo

John zei

LOL! That's why I do not have any plants in my 'RL' house! Ilona, you're brilliant!

Margaret zei

I love your mini cyclamen,so realistic and I share your problem with flowering plants, they rarely look as good as when you bought them, but some I have planted in a shady spot outside have flourished. I know they like to be outside overnight, well at least in my part of the world where we never get snow.D

Daydreamer zei

Ilona, your Cyclamen plants are Amazing! I used to have a cyclamen that regularly "died"... but I didn't give up on it and after a "rest" it would sprout again and bloom again... just not as beautifully as the first time! Your mini versions are so astonishingly realistic... I cannot believe they are only minis!!!

Rosethé zei

ils sont superbes ces cyclamens, de véritables petits rayons de soleil.
Une petite préférence pour le rouge.

Pedrete zei

Cómo siempre, un trabajo magnífico, Ilona. Eres única creando plantas en miniatura.

¡Un abrazo enorme y enhorabuena!

Mins zei

Brilliant Ilona! You are so clever!!!!
Hugs, Mins xx

Piikko zei

I am speechless... your Cyclamens are like real ones and the most BEAUTIFUL!♥

Wyrna Christensen zei

I am often amazed when I visit your blog, and when you make your flowers. They are so perfect and I can not understand how you can do it. Very beautiful work Ilona.


PILAR6373 zei

Que cyclamenes tan reales,son perfectos!!!! Estos seguro que te durarán mucho más.

les mains calmes zei

Superbement réalisées...On dirait que le printemps te tarde d'arriver!
Amicalement, Dominique

Fi.P zei

My dear Loon,

You don't know in what funny ways we work. As it is summer here the Cyclamen are sad and without flower, so I have moved mine around the back near the tap. Only yesterday I looked down and noticed all the new shoots coming up and I crouched down and started to pull away all the bad yellow leaves making room for the new!! As you were toiling with your yellow leaves, so was I......; )

ML Fi xx

17-17 zei

Hi Ilona,
I remember white cyclamen, it looks just ideally with pink. I really like yellowing leaves, it made its more real.

Fabiola zei

Your cyclamens are perfect. They look real.
Bye Faby

AM zei

Hoi Ilona, ik moet eerlijk bekennen geen planten in huis te hebben ivb het ontbreken van groenvingers... zelfs vetplanten laten het leven. :(
Zoals gewoonlijk weer een prachtige miniatuur. gr. AM

The Old Maid zei

What I love about your flowers is just this! They are real! not just perfect perfect but just as real as the living ones! Saying that I admit I love this red cyclamen because of it's bad side even more!

miniacollection zei

Amazing work!

Pepper zei

The Cyclamen look so realistic. I just love your work =0)

CARMEN (Hadanet) zei

Preciosos y perfectos, como siempre!!!

Maria Ireland zei

I love your plants and the yellow leaves make it even more real. Wonderful wonderful work.
Hugs Maria

Tatiana zei

Прекрасная работа!
Мне нравятся цикламены. Но цикламены у меня жить не хотят! Много раз покупала их. Но сохранить не смогла!

cockerina zei

awesome! without the coin close, it looks really real!
many congratulations for the excellent work! .... But you need to explain how you keep up the match .... hahaha!
xxx Caterina

julia zei

Tus flores son una pasada, parece increible que sean miniaturas.
La verdad es que todo lo que haces es insuperable, eres una artista!!!
Mil besos querida amiga.

Rosa zei

OH!! Tan pequeñas y tan bellas .

carmen zei

que maravilla!! te felicito

Dans ma bulle zei

Realistic and poetic!
Just a small bit of spring in january.

Giac zei

Hello ilona,
That is so incredibly realistic and so incredibly done.
Incredible workmanship!
Big hug,

Margriet zei echt! Zo zien mijn plantjes er tenminste bijna altijd uit LOL Heel erg mooi!