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woensdag 16 januari 2013

IJsrozen? / Frozen roses?

Voordat het ging sneeuwen heb ik deze "rozen" gefotografeerd………het zijn afdrukken van hoeven van de koeien in de modder rondom de drinkbak. Het water in de modder was bevroren en dat leverde deze mooie bevroren rozen op :D!

Before the snow was fallen I made pictures of these "roses"……….it are paw prints of cows around the trough, where they drink water. The water in the mud was frozen and they looked like these frozen roses :D!

Inmiddels bedekt een flink sneeuwdek Nederland, overdag vriest het buiten en……..ik vind het heerlijk (tot nu toe) :D!
Vandaag ben ik door de sneeuw gewandeld door het bos en de weilanden en heb ik wat sfeervolle plaatjes geschoten. Het was prachtig buiten én genieten geblazen!
Ondanks de kou en de sneeuw waren er toch nog dieren buiten.

In the meantime a lot of snow is covering The Netherlands, in daytime it freezes outside and…..I love it (so far) :D! 
Today I walked in the forrest and meadows through the snow and I’ve made some atmospheric pictures. It was wonderful outside and I’ve enjoyed it very much!
Despite of the cold and the snow there were some animals outside.

Een paar dagen geleden maakte ik in de tuin wat foto’s van mijn sneeuwklokjes, die volop in bloei staan. Na een hele nacht van flinke sneeuwval waren ze vanmorgen helemaal met sneeuw bedekt. Hier en daar was nog een klein beginnend klokje of stukje blad te zien. Nu weet ik weer waarom ze sneeuwklokjes heten :D!

A few days ago I've made some pictures of my snowdrops, which are in full bloom now. 
This morning they were covered with a lot of snow after last night. Here and there there is to be seen a little flower head or a small piece of a leaf. Now I remember why they are called snowdrops :D!

Met foto’s heb ik geprobeerd de sneeuwklokjes na te maken in miniatuur. Dat was een heel karwei, omdat ze klein zijn, dus heb ik ze maar met bolletje en al gemaakt. Nu lijken ze iets groter, maar ze goed op de foto krijgen was nog een hele klus en door de vergroting zijn ze er niet mooier van geworden ;).

I've used the pictures to try to make some snowdrops in miniature. This was quite a job, because they are small, so I made them together with their bulb. Now they seem a bit larger, but to make a good picture of these little ones was a hell of a job and by the magnification they didn't come out nicer ;).

Momenteel ben ik bezig met een aantal opdrachten, o.a. daardoor ben ik een poosje niet meer in de blogwereld geweest, vergeef me alsjeblieft ;)! Als ik weer wat meer tijd kan vinden, kom ik jullie prachtige blogs weer bezoeken, tot later!
Fijne week,

At the moment I am busy with commissions, therefore (and by some other causes) I haven’t been in the blogworld for a while, please forgive me ;)! If I can find some more time, I’ll visit your wonderful blogs again, see you later!
Have a nice week,


36 opmerkingen:

Idske zei

Schitterende 'rozen', je moet het maar net zien! ik vind de sneeuwklokjes zo echt dat ik de fotos een paar keer vergroot heb en weer kleiner gemaakt, en ik kan nog steeds geen verschil zien! Heel erg knap!

Tatiana zei

Привет Илона!
Я всегда удивляюсь, какая природа умная! И какой Вы талантливый художник, что бы увидеть красоту в маленькой льдине!
Я не перестаю удивляться силе природы!!! Маленький цветок пробивает снег, что бы увидеть солнце!
Вы повторили это чудо, создав свою миниатюру. Это очень большая и трудная работа.
Какое удовольствие я получаю,любуясь вашим творением!

The Old Maid zei

Fantastic!!!I love, love them! I don't know how you can make so tiny flowers! But they are beautiful!

*Mieke*Petitevictorianrose*and*PastTimeChildhood zei

Lieve Ilona, wat prachtige sneeuwklokjes, zooo klein en toch zo perfect !!
De "rozen" zien er heel apart uit :)

Liefs Mieke

John zei

Hi, Ilona & Happy New Year! I just love your snowdrops --they are so sweet! You're so lucky to have them blooming --we won't see them here in Minnesota for a couple months. Thanks for the lovely photos.

BiWuBär zei

Good to hear from you! ;O) Your snowdrops are another stunning miniature... and I think it's great that you can see roses blooming everywhere and anytime. There's so much beauty to discover for the ones who are able to see it...


Fi.P zei

Such pretty snowdrops!!

What patience it must have taken to make them, they are so tiny.

Your photos are so beautiful, it is such a pleasure to see the winter wonderland you are living in, the photos are lovely.

ML Fi xx

Plushpussycat zei

Your photos and snowdrops are all gorgeous. It is good to hear from you, Ilona. I miss you when you're gone. :-) xo Jennifer

Susan zei

The snow looks so pretty and so do your Snow Drops! I don't know how you make such small details!!

Margaret zei

I love your tiny snowdrops and your wintry photos, including the 'frozen roses', very creative thinking!

latchkey and jonquil zei

You are much braver than I, I prefer sewing inside to walking in the snow right now - but we have such grey snowy days here. Closer to the alps it is much more beautiful.

I love your tiny snowdrops! Snowdrops are flowers that make January worthwhile - they remind me that Spring will come, and I should get out into the garden right now and start organising!


Wyrna Christensen zei

Your snowdrops is impressively well done. We also have snow and beautiful sunshine in Denmark these days.


Drora's minimundo zei

Both the real life and miniature snow drops are breathtaking beautiful.
I love the photos, especially that of the snow "roses". It must be wonderful to be able to take a walk outside with these sights.
Hugs, Drora

Fabiola zei

Your tiny snowdrops are wonderful.
Bye Faby

17-17 zei

Hi Ilona,
nice to see first signs of spring in the Netherlands, here I wait for snowdrops in my garden, thank you for pictures, ooak roses :o)
your tiny flower is so delicate, I realy like it. Warm hugs, Magda

Dorien Litjes zei

Lieve Ilona,
Je sneeuwklokje ziet er schitterend uit ! Het lijkt heel erg echt !
Wat die sneeuw betreft..die mag nu wel weer verdwijnen. Ik houd meer van de zon en warmte dan deze kou.
Knuffel Dorien

Piikko zei

Ilona, your snowdrops are really beautiful. You are lucky to have them already in real life.
Also your winter photos are lovely. Winter is always so photos. :D Glad that you enjoy your far. ;) -We still have 'some' winter to go here in the north. Hugs!

Maria Ireland zei

Your snowdrops are sooo beautiful. They are so tiny and perfect fantastic. I love your pictures the snow roses are wonderful. Here its another grey rainy day :(
Hugs Maria

Giac zei

Hello Ilona,
What absolutely wonderful pictures. Iyt looks like pictures in a storybook.
Your miniature snowdrops are wodnerful. The detail just blows me away. Fantastic.
Big hug,

Dans ma bulle zei

I love the way you find this natural things. You mix reality and poetry. So beautiful!

SaMiRa73 zei

Ilona, your winter pictures are so beautiful, they remind me that winter is actually a very beautiful season! I´m surprised that you already have blooming real snowdrops in your garden! Your tiny ones turned out great, camera often does not justice to miniatures as it sees more than our human eyes, so I think your minis must be simply gorgeous!
Happy Weekend! Sandra

Kim zei

my goodness- those must be very very tiny snowdrops!! They are outstanding- excellent work! The cows did not know they are artists, right? Look at the beauty they created :) hugs to you!!!!

Rosethé zei

la nature est surprenante (formes de roses) ! Depuis 2 jours nous sommes aussi sous la neige, le froid est intense. Ilona,tes minis fleurs sont superbes, on dirait des vraies!
Amitiés. rosethé

elis zei

Wonderful tiny flowers.

Mins zei

Hi Ilona,
The Netherlands look like such a wonderful magical place at this time of year! I love it how you explore and then come home and make versions of what you find outside in miniature! The tiny snowdrops are adorable! I never knew a flower could survive and grow in the snow, so fascinating!! I have never seen snow before, it must be so beautiful!
Hugs, Mins xxx

Daydreamer zei

Hi Ilona! It is just like you to see flowers Everywhere... even in frozen hoof marks!!! LOL! I think they are remarkable.... but it certainly takes a special eye to notice those!!! As for the snowdrops.... in this part of the world they don't show their heads until March at the earliest... I remember being SO astonished to see them in January in England!!!
Your mini versions are PERFECTION!!! I truly admire your flower making skills!!!

Gee zei

Waaahaaa Ilona, nooit geweten dat je zo'n poeet bent, rozen zien in bevrore hoefadrukken.... maar je hebt helemaal gelijk, ze lijken er verdikkie nog op ook!
Mooie fotoos, ik hou niet van kou maar kan ook intens genieten van zo'n wondere witte wereld.
Je sneeuwklokjes zijn werkelijk práchtig, super gemaakt!


I just found out that it's your birthday, thanks to Fi! I wish you a day of serene happiness, Ilona.

Sanne zei

I love your snowdrops, so talented. The scenery in Holland looks so similar to Finland, we have lots and lots of snow!

latchkey and jonquil zei

I didn't realise it was your birthday today!

Happy Birthday, may you have a wonderful day!


julia zei

Que maravilla esas rosas, sólo de ver la nieve me dá un frío jejjej.
Esa pequeña flor es un tesoro... que manos tienes mi querida Illona.
Gracias por tu apoyo en mis momentos difíciles, estoy feliz de que estés entre mis tesoros.
Mil besos...Julia.

Idske zei

Wel gefeliciteerd! Nog vele gezonde en gelukkige jaren gewenst!

Met veel dank voor je opbeurende comments en informatieve en ook gezellige posts, ik kom hier altijd met veel genoegen bijlezen!

Groetjes, Idske

Ascension zei

Que maravilla de trabajo, se ve tan real.
Fantasticas fotografias.
besitos ascension

Daydreamer zei

Happy Birthday, Ilona! (Fiona gave away the date...! :)) I hope you have celebrated with loved ones!

Begoña zei

Las rosas heladas son preciosas, pero lo realmente hermoso es que te pares a observar la naturaleza y sus caprichos, tus flores miniatura son preciosas.

Sans! zei

oooh was it your birthday just recently, Ilona? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

You have done much while I was in Taiwan :). I am glad I popped by to look at all your great work.

Cows and Roses , :):) That brought smiles , I am sure :).