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dinsdag 7 februari 2012

Goed voor de vogels zorgen / Looking after the birds

Het is hier erg koud buiten: -10 oC, dus heb ik voor de (mini)vogeltjes gezorgd. Ik heb een houten mini vogelvoerstation voor ze gemaakt en er een pot pindakaas in gestopt om ze wat extra vet tegen de kou te geven.
De standaard is ongeveer 120 mm hoog, het dakje meet 22 mm breed (een lucifer is ongeveer 48 mm). De koolmezen met de pindasnoer heb ik een paar maanden geleden gemaakt van Fimo.
Als je nog wilt gaan schaatsen: doen!! Fijne dag,

Here it is very cold outside: -10 oC, so I've looked after the (mini)birds. I've build them a wooden minature birdfeedingstation and put a jar of peanutbutter (Fimo) in it, to gave them some fat against the cold.
The stand is about 120 mm high, the roof measures 22 mm width (a match is about 48 mm). I've made the great titmice and the peanutscord a few months ago from Fimo.
Have a nice day,


11 opmerkingen:

Ludmila zei

Ilona, so you have heat! We have a -23! I'm too cold!
A beautiful bird feeder.

Maria Ireland zei

Wow i thought it was pictures of a real bird feeder. Its wonderful.
Hugs Maria

Judith zei

Lucky birds! This is beautiful work. Did you really make the birds too? I'm so impressed! Judith x

Drora's minimundo zei

A lovely scene and so original. I love your little birds.

heibeni-bären zei

Oh wow, crazy sooo mini, first I think it was a real bird :)
best hugs

Ilona zei

Thank you all for your nice comments!

Hello Nicole, thanks for your compliments. Of course they're real.......but made from Fimo :) I've really made all three birds by myself. They were "flying" (XD) of course across my workroom, but I did it ;) The one that flutters down was very difficult, because of the very tiny open wings.
Hugs, Ilona

Teruka zei

Very original!! It´s beauty

Marie-Anne zei

Hello Ilona !!!! What a lovely miniature world !!! I will come back tomorrow and look at your previous posts. I just love miniatures !
And I hope we will keep in touch !

Cote zei

Gracias por visitar mi blog y dejarme un comentario y sobre todo gracias por darme la oportunidad de conocer tu blog!! Que preciosidad de comedero y que maravilla de pajaros, felicidades por tan fantástico trabajo.

Patricia Cabrera zei

Oh my goodness!!! i love LOVE this. amazing!!!grin

Patricia Cabrera zei

Ilona, I really meant what i said! these birdies and the setting is so beautifully done. You are (((very))) talented! I mean it!*grin*
Tiny animals does not comes naturally to me! have i said that , i truly appreciate when i see one done well! keep up, you got a future girl!!! smiles~