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donderdag 16 februari 2012

Dank aan de nieuwe volgers van mijn blog / Thank you new followers of my blog

Ik wil alle nieuwe volgers van mijn blog een warm welkom heten op mijn blog. Op 6 februari waren het al 42 in snel tempo, maar in 10 dagen tijd zijn het er nu al 64!! Hemeltje, dat volgt elkaar snel hier!!
Dank voor jullie lieve reacties op mijn berichtjes, hartverwarmend!
Van sommige volgers kan ik hun blogs niet vinden, weet iemand hoe dat wel kan? Ik vind het namelijk jammer dat ik nu geen reacties op hún blogs kan plaatsen.....:(
Veel mensen willen reageren op mijn blog, maar konden dat niet omdat ze geen account hebben. Vandaar dat ik aan de rechterbovenzijde mijn emailadres voor dit blog heb neergezet!!

To all my new followers: a very warm welcome on my blog. On the 6th of February there were 42 followers, now after 10 days(!) there are already 64!!  Things grows/goes fast in bloggerland ;)!!
I also thank everyone for his/her nice comments on my posts: heart-warming!
I can not find the blogs of some new followers. How is that possible? Can I find their blogs somewhere else? Now I can not put a comment on their blogs....:(
I have an emailadress for this blog, so everybody can leave a (nice) comment!!


7 opmerkingen:

anna zei

You see, Blogland is great!!! congratulations on all your followers! Your work is beautiful!

Contrastes-Rosa Mª zei

Muy lindas , me encantan, felicidades

BiWuBär zei

Congrats on growing so fast... I know about not being able to get on some blogs, sometimes blogger doesn't show the link to the blogs although people have one, I haven't found out why this is so. Pure desire to be nasty, I bet. If you're lucky those people leave a comment, than it usually works.


Ludmila zei

Ilona, I congratulate the new followers! I also can not find a lot of my blog followers. I do not know how can this be?

Plushpussycat zei

Hi Ilona! I'm so glad I found your blog today! You make such beautiful miniatures, and everything feels so bright and cheery here! I look forward to following your latest blog posts! :-) Jennifer

Patricia Cabrera zei

Ilona, your work is fantastic.. soon you have hundreds of followers and i won't be surprised why!
Have a blessed weekend!Smiles~

Patricia Cabrera zei

do you sell your plants?? i love it!
Also i know what you mean about the blogs... sometimes people follow me and I try to visit them and can't find their blogs either.sigh