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zaterdag 4 augustus 2012

Eén zwaluw maakt nog geen zomer… / One swallow does not make summer….

… een Hollands gezegde. Tijdens mijn wandelingen door bos- en weidegebied zie ik veel boerenzwaluwen bij de boeren de schuren in en uitvliegen. De eerste jongen zijn al uitgevlogen, maar de zwaluwen hebben al wéér jongen, waarvoor ze druk insecten vangen in volle vlucht. Ze vliegen scherend met een piepend geluid op volle snelheid door de lucht: spectaculair om te zien!! Omdat de zomer dit jaar ons een beetje in de steek laat, dacht ik: kom, ik maak gewoon wat meer zwaluwen van Fimo klei, misschien komt de zomer dan toch nog wel :D!!

 … a Dutch saying. During my walks through the forests and meadows I see many barn swallows at the farmer’s barns flying in and out. The first young swallows have been hatched, but the swallows have again young birds, for which they are busy catching insects in flight. They fly with a beeping sound at full speed through the air: it is a spectacular to see!! The summer does not come this year, so I thought: I make some swallows of Fimo clay, perhaps then the summer will come to us :D!

Een echte zwaluw meet ongeveer 20 cm groot van snavel tot en met de gevorkte staart. Omgerekend in miniatuur kom je op ongeveer 16-17 mm uit. Ik heb een paar volwassen exemplaren van die grootte gemaakt, die aan de nesten hangen om de jongen te voederen. En ik heb een aantal jongen op een draad gemaakt, die ongeveer 11 mm groot zijn.
Onder een kapotte golfplaat, dat onder aan een pannendak is bevestigd, zie je dat ze hun nesten bij elkaar hebben gebouwd. Ze leven graag in groepen en houden van hun buren ;)!!

A real  swallow measures about 20 cm from the beak to the forked tail. Converted in miniature scale it is about 16-17 mm. I made some adult specimens of that size, which are hanging on the nests to feed the young swallows. And I made some younger specimens on a wire, which measure about 11 mm.
Under a broken corrugated iron, which is attached under the tile roof, you see they’ve built their nests together. They live in groups and love their neighbors ;)!

Fijn week(end),

Have a nice week(end),


32 opmerkingen:

anna zei

they are so pretty and perfect..what a difficult work to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
Hopefully they will bring some summer to you!! many greetings, anne

Alexandra zei

Wat leuk en wat ziet het er echt uit.
In ons vakantiehuisje op schiermonnikoog zat vroeger ook altijd een nestje zwaluwen onder de goot bij het schuurtje.
Elk jaar als ik als kind daar weer kwam zat het nestje er weer.
Zo lief.

Mooi hoor.

Lieve groet, Alexandra.

Susanna Zanchi zei

Stupendo lavoro e stupendo blog!bravissima!

Tatiana zei

Невероятная работа!
Ласточки принесут Вам лето и тепло.

Idske zei

Schitterend gemaakt! Zo levensecht dat ik echt een paar keer goed moest kijken om te geloven dat het 1/12 is!

cockerina zei

My God! is amazing, they seem real!! I had to watch several times to find out every detail, you are a magician, how do you work so little? I'd like to have a swallow ...
I love the swallows, they are really the symbol of summer, and you are truly amazing!!
kisses from Italy hot hot .. ah ah ah!

Eva - tatalamaru zei

Lo veo un trabajo tan difícil de realizar. Te han quedado estupendas esas golondrinas y sigo diciendo que es increible hacer algo tan chiquitin y que sea tan bonito.
Un beso

Vicky Lovejoy zei

Oh wow your barn swallows are wonderful Ilona, you have created them so perfectly in miniature!! I love the tiny ones lined up on the wire and your scene on the roof is absoloutely amazing. As always I am in awe of your beautiful work!!
vicky xxx

The Old Maid zei

I love swallows.:) And we have a similar saying in Poland but about spring.;)
Your swallows are soooo pretty! You did a great job Ilona!:)

Maria Ireland zei

Your swallows are wonderful. I love the beautiful scene on the roof. We also have that saying and sad to say I have not seen either this year. But your wonders make up for it :)
Hugs Maria

Contrastes-Rosa Mª zei

¡Fantásticas! felicidades :)

Susan zei

Wonderful swallows! I love their nests and babies too! Your work is so detailed.

Fi.P zei

Hi Ilona,

I love your Swallows, you have captured them so well. They are my favourite bird, I love to see them duck and dive in the air, they tease my dog in the park and she runs around trying to catch them.

When I was a young girl we had swallows nesting in the garage. One day I walked in and heard frantic chirping coming from a gumboot on the shelf, I climbed up and put my hand inside and a little fledgeling hoped onto my finger and I carried it out side all the while on my finger and it flew away. Ever since then I feel I have a connection with Swallows.

Just beautiful

ML Fi xx

Eliana zei

Amazing birds!

Plushpussycat zei

Your swallows are amazing, Ilona! They look so realistic! Great work! Birds and flowers are a couple of my favorite things. You're a magician at making both in miniature!

Rosethé zei

Ici, les hirondelles ont fait le printemps et l'été est bien là !
Vos hirondelles sont superbement réalisées, elles vont attirer le soleil.

Xandra zei

Hallo Ilona,

Wat een prachtige zwaluwen heb je gemaakt. Ik heb ook zo`n leuk nestje met zwaluwen maar dat heb ik gekocht. Vind het heel knap dat jij ze zelf hebt gemaakt.

Fijne zondag en groeten,


carmen zei

que bueno, me encantan esas golondrinas...en esta zona no hay...

Melli´s Hobby zei

My God! The birds are so small!!!!
They are amzaing!! Fantstic work!

Cote zei

Que maravilla!!!!!

Roelie zei

Wat een inspiratie heb je toch en deze zwaluwen zijn weer een grote aanwinst in je collectie. Erg mooi gemaakt.

Groetjes, Roelie

BiWuBär zei

You're a true artist - and what I really admire about your work is that you get your inspiration from nature and turn it into a perfect miniature all by yourself. Your swallows are gorgeous, and I adore the scene on the nest - looks absolutely real. And btw - this saying is known in Germany, too... ;O)


Drora's minimundo zei

Beautiful swallows!! Beautiful scene!
Your work is wonderful and your blog's a pleasure to visit.
Hugs, Drora

Rosa zei

UUAAUU !! Marvellous work .

Dans ma bulle zei

We nests of swallows at home. Your is very similar and poetic. I love!

CWPoppets zei

They are beautiful, Ilona! They love their neighbours ? Hmmm, strange thing. ;-)

Ascension zei

Un trabajo genial, son unas preciosas golondrinas.
besitos ascension

Kikka zei

Hi, Your swallows are wonderful! I can almost hear their songs and see them fly from their nests to find some food and hurry back... they look so real! Love your work, very beautiful!

Pedrete zei

¡Qué fantásticas te han quedado las golondrinas, Ilona! Están geniales! Enhorabuena!

¡Un abrazo enorme!

17-17 zei

Hi Ilone,
you did beautiful swallows! They remind me of my childhood and a very old house of my grandmother. Swallows were living there under the roof ... thank you for this beautiful remembrance.

Daydreamer zei

Ilona, your swallows are Beautiful and So Realistic! I miss the swallows from my old Home in the country.... at the end of July they would land on the old fashioned TV antenna on our roof... (good for nothing but a swallow perch! LOL!) while they taught their young to fly and catch bugs! Then too soon they would leave on the long migration south... Thank you for reminding me!

Sans! zei

I have a lot of problems with mini birds because I always felt they should have feathers. Yours look very realsitic, Ilona! Amazing feat as far as I am concerned.