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zaterdag 17 maart 2012

Update van uitgebloeide hortensia / Update of the faded hydrangea

Ik heb mijn vorige post ge-update!! Even naar beneden scrollen, daar staan nieuwe foto's van de uitgebloeide hortensia in een verweerde bloempot!

I have updated my previous post! Just scroll down, there are new pictures of the faded hydrangea in a weathered pot!


15 opmerkingen:

Unknown zei

perfecta!! Felicidades es que está genial!!

hannajaleijona zei

Absolutely beautiful! The pot is perfect too.

siete zei

Asombrada me he quedado visitando su blog, usted si que crea magia con sus manos llenas de arte, no solo por esta increible maceta, si no por todo lo que en el blog se encuentra, esos pajaros, ese nido, esas frutas, son joyas en miniatura, felicidades es usted un gran artista y yo desde hoy una admiradora

carmen zei

enseguida tendrás que podarla para que rebrote con fuerza...!

Fabiola zei

Bye Faby

Tarta Ruga zei

E' veramente una meraviglia!
Buona domenica!

julia zei

Ilona, ​​stoppen door mijn blog, is er een soepresa voor u ...
Mil besos...Julia.

BiWuBär zei

And again... it's incredible realistic!


The Old Maid zei

Again it is awesome!


Hi Ilona,your work is amazing,I'm a new follower and I love it!!Miniregards from Spain.

Lovejoy Bears zei

Your faded hydrangea looks perfect in this pot!!!
Am I right in thinking you took a new pot and dirtied it yourself? If so then this is amazing Ilona, it looks so good!!
Vicky xxx

Ilona zei

Hi Vicky! Yes, you are right in thinking: I took a new pot and did the damaging and dirtied it myself. It was fun to do this ;) I like to make miniatures with a "used" look :)

I want to thank everyone for their comments!!
Hugs, Ilona

cockerina zei

Hello Ilona, thanks for your comment on my blog!
the names red are those that have guessed the game.
I'm sorry you have not won, I hope the next time!
kisses, Caterina

Ilona zei

Hi Caterina! Thanks for your answer. It is not about winning, but to participate: I really enjoyed the riddle to solve!! I did not understand why all names were red and blue (the translator did not work well), so my question.
Kisses, Ilona

Anoniem zei

Amazing jog, I simply love it, and take my hat off!