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maandag 16 januari 2012

Pioenrozen voor Ichinen / Peonies for Ichinen

Pioenrozen zijn mijn meest favoriete bloemen. Ik heb ze een tijdje terug zelf ook gemaakt in miniatuur.
Ichinen van dit blog: heeft een mooi bericht gepost over winterbloeiende pioenen! Prachtige foto's staan erbij, kijk zelf maar.
Pieonies are my most favourite flowers. I've made these beautiful flowers in miniature some time ago.
Ichinen of this blog: has posted beautiful photots and an interesting story on his blog. Take a look if you want to.

7 opmerkingen:

carmen zei

tambien son mis flores favoritas, en el recuerdo de mi infancia..donde vivo ahora no se cultivan...preciosas las tuyas!!!

ichinen zei

Your miniature pieonies are so realistic!
I'm glad you like my post and happy birthday!
Thank you for introducing my blog.

Mari@ zei

Thank you for your lovely commentIlona :o) You are always welcome on my blog. You are very talented... this peonies ar so beautiful. Compliments for your work. Hugs

Kathi zei


Ilona zei

Thank you for my birthdaywishes, very kind of you!! Also thanks for your kind compliments about the peonies! But I think that the real peonies in Japan have more beauty then mine made of paper and some paint!
Thanks for your comment and following my blog.

Ilona zei

Thank YOU for your kind complements, Maria. I visit your blog regular.

Ilona zei

Thank you for your kind comments, Carmen.
Finally I find out how to answer on your comment. I'm still new in blogspot, so I've to found out some things about blogging.
I hope you can read English? I try to read your blog with the Google translator, my Spanish(?) is not very good, sorry for that!
Have a nice evening,