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maandag 23 januari 2012

Hulp gevraagd en antwoord gekregen / Asking for help and I've got an answer

Ik heb een poos geleden van mijn vriendin een oud houten doosje gekregen. Het is ongeveer 3 x 5 cm groot en helaas uit elkaar gevallen. De lijm van de schildpad buitenkant is losgelaten en er ontbreekt een benen/ivoren(?) pootje. Ook de bovenkant is er niet meer.
Mijn vraag is: hoe kan ik schildpad op hout lijmen? Welke lijm moet ik daarvoor gebruiken? Ik zou het graag willen herstellen om er een mooi miniatuur van te maken. Wie weet raad?
Ik heb internet al geraadpleegd, maar kan niets over dit item vinden.

Warm welkom aan mijn nieuwe volgers, bedankt voor het lezen van mijn blog.

Some time ago I've got a old wooden box from my friend, but it has fallen apart. It is about 3 x 5 cm. The glue from the turtle outside is released and it's missing a bone/ivory(?) leg. The top is also missing. Look above at the photos, so you can see what I mean.
My question is:How can I glue turtle on wood? Which glue can I use for it? I gladly will repair it, to make a beautiful sewingbox or something like that.
I've searched on the internet, but can not find some information about it. 

A very warm welcome to my new followers, thank you so much for reading my posts.


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Miniature Treasures zei

Hi Ilona
Pieces like your tiny tortoise shell box which i have to say is wonderful need to be repaired the same way they were originally made in this case most craftsmen used a animal based glue see this link
if you decided to use this type of glue i would strongly recommend you practice on a material similar before attempting your tiny box so you know exactly how it reacts with the materials most shell and bone material absorbs moisture and usually this is what weakens the bond overtime, alternatively some of the white wood glues available on the market can also be used but again i would recommend you trying before you attempt using it on your tortoise shell box. Best wishes Tony .

Ilona zei

Hi Tony
I shall look at the site you give me and see for the glue. Now I know that I must describe my tiny box as a "tortoise shell box". You see: I'm eager to learn the English language better ;) (I hope?!!) I guess you've read my comment with a smile and a huge question-mark on your forehead reading my dictionary-English :). My written English is grammatical disastrous...but with support of some photos, the Google translator and dictionaries I hope to "survive" in bloggerland.
I read your blog with great admiration; you make/have made beautiful creations, I adore the sewingbox.
Thank you for following my blog and once again: thank you so much for your quick answer on my question with your advice of the glue! I appreciate that very much.
Best wishes,

Contrastes-Rosa Mª zei

¡Fantástica! una caja perfecta y un diseño precioso.

Ilona zei

Thank you Rosa, yes, I'm very glad with this tiny one.
Best wishes,