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donderdag 16 juni 2016

Hertshoorn(varen) / Staghorn fern

Zoekend in mijn foto’s van miniaturen kwam ik foto’s van mijn miniatuur hertengewei tegen. Vorig najaar kreeg ik van iemand een afgeworpen stang van een hertengewei en ik vond het een leuk idee om het gewei na te maken van Fimo klei.

Looking for some photographs of miniatures I came across pictures of my miniature deer antlers. Last autumn someone gave me one rod of a thrown off deer antler and I thought it was a nice idea to make those antlers in mini, using Fimo clay.

Hier gecombineerd met zelfgemaakte witte pompoenen, geboetseerd van Fimo klei...  
Here the antlers combined with white pumpkins, which I’ve sculpted from Fimo clay...

...of met een schijfje grijze boomschors, waarop ik met klei een witte kerstboom heb gemodelleerd.
.....or with a disk of grey bark, whereon I modelled with clay a white Christmas tree.

Maar toen ik op Google naar hertshoorn zocht, verscheen er ook foto van een Hertshoornvaren als resultaat, dus was er gelijk een nieuwe uitdaging/idee ‘geboren’. 
Zie hier voor meer informatie over de Hertshoornvaren:
Jaren geleden heb ik zo'n plant in mijn woonkamer gehad, dus de herinnering, van hoe hij eruit zag, heeft mij goed geholpen bij het maken van de plant in mini.

But when I was searching on Google for the word staghorn, there also appeared a picture of a Staghorn fern, so there was immediately ‘born’ a new challenge/idea for me. 
See here for more information about the Staghorn fern:
Years ago I’ve had this plant in my living room, so the memory, of how this plant looks like, was very helpful during the process of making a miniature one.

Hertshoornvarens komen in verschillende vormen en kleuren voor, ik heb daarom een grijsgroene en een mosgroene Hertshoornvaren gemaakt.

Staghorn ferns come in different shapes and colors, so therefore I’ve made a grey green and a green Staghorn fern.

Het was nog een hele zoektocht voor mij naar hoe ik die schijfachtige bladeren moest maken, hetzelfde gold voor de kleur en het specifieke ‘dorre’ uiterlijk!

It was quite a search for me of how I had to make horizontal fronds, the same was for the color and the specific 'dry' appearance!

Werk in uitvoering / Work in progress

De plant groeit op boomschors, of op speciale grond voor varens, zoals je hier kunt zien ;).
The plant grows on bark, or on special potting soil for ferns, as you can see here ;).

Het plantentafeltje is gekocht bij Arjen Spinhoven Miniaturen, website:
Terracotta potjes zijn van Fennicole Miniatures, website:

The Plant table is bought of Arjen Spinhoven, website:
The terracotta pots are from Fennicole Miniatures, website:

Pioenrozen? Ja, omdat juni de 'pioenrozen'-maand is, het zijn mijn favoriete bloemen en de pioenen in mijn tuin zijn helemaal kapot geregend......!!
Hartelijk welkom aan mijn nieuwe volgers, iedereen bedankt voor jullie fijne reacties.
Ik wens jullie allemaal een heel fijn weekend!

Peonies? Yes, because here in The Netherlands, June is the month of peonies, they are my favorite flowers and the peonies in my garden are completely ruined by the heavy rain we've had here.....!! 
A warm welcome to my new followers, I thank you all for your nice comments.
Wishing you all a lovely weekend!


17 opmerkingen:

Wee Cute Treasures zei

Your antlers are great but I LOVE your staghorn ferns. They are very realistic and your attention to detail comes through. Your paeonies are also spectacular. You have been very busy. Hope the rain stops for you soon. We are grey and damp in Ireland after our two-week mini summer!!

Robin zei

Your antlers are so realistic, but when I came to the Staghorn Ferns I was amazed. They are just perfect and as Carol says the attention to detail incredible. They look exactly like my real size fern that I pictured in my blog having struggled to repot it a few days ago.

My paeonies sadly have also been bashed down by torrential rain. Oh for a little more sun!

Tatiana zei

Привет Илона!
Ваша работа поражает своей реалистичностью! Я сижу с открытым ртом!
Я пропустила ваше сообщение! Вы сделали потрясающие сансевьеры! Ваша резьба по дереву феноменальна! Вы можете сделать все! Вашему таланту нет предела!

Isabel Ruiz Alonso zei

Siempre me han gustado las plantas de cuerno de ciervo. Creo que te han quedado preciosas.

Daydreamer zei

Hi Ilona! Your Staghorn Ferns look very much like the real life sized versions! I am never sure what size item you are showing 'til I see the penny! (But surely you have a large oversized penny just to fool us! ;))I used to have the Staghorn Ferns and they are beautiful with their long velvety leaves and living in the "air" with barely any soil! Yours are just right! And I know what you mean about the rain ruining the peonies.... we had that happen here... they opened one night and the next day it rained heavily and then off and on for three days! The peonies had their "Heads" in the mud! Some years are just like that! I hope your mini peonies will never suffer such a fate!

Elizabeth S zei

Hi Ilona! The colors, forms and textures of your 2 plants are exactly right, AND you have potted your mini Staghorn Fern as well as any Real Life professional gardener would! BEAUTIFUL WORK! :))

Rosethé zei

Superbes créations ❤
Je ne connaissais pas ces fougères ou j'ai oublié ;)
Les pivoines sont aussi mes fleurs préfèrées avec les roses.
Bon week-end Ilona !

Susanna Zanchi zei

Wonderful work Ilona! Kiss

Nono zei

De planten zijn weer perfekt gemaakt! Ik bewonder ook jouw opzoekingen voor jouw miniaturen, om ze altijd zo goed "echt" creeren!
Een dikke proficiaat, Ilona. Ik wens jou ook een goeie week end.

BiWuBär zei

Now it made "click" - Betsy made me say "Ay, that's the trick!"... you're using a supersized coin in combination with real plants!!! *LOL* But without anymore foolish talk - wonderful work (as always) on the antlers but even more on the staghorn fern. As usual your eye for every detail and of course the ability to create this in miniature is stunning. Sorry about your peonies - it's the same around here, first they made "poof" because of the very warm weather and then came the rain... right in time to save our lawn's life, but not in time for the peonies and the roses. But no complaining, we're lucky to have no flood or tornado... we're having strange weather at the moment indeed.


The Old Maid zei

Fab works Ilona! And your peonies are just beautiful!

Drora's minimundo zei

What can I add to all those true words of praise already said. I love both
your antlers and the Staghorn fern, especially the fern since I had one when we lived overseas. Sorry about your peonies. Here they bloom in February.
The ones in the vase are gorgeous.
Hugs, Drora

Fabiola zei

Your antlers are perfect and the staghorn fern are very beautiful and so realistic.

Piikko zei

Ilona, you already go to x-mas with x- mas tree and (reindeer) antlers!?
Is that because there was snowing in Lapland last week? :D
Anyways, you made beautiful horns and stagferns. <3
-Next weekend we'll celebrate the midsummer. Perhaps we have peonies then. Last summer my mum setted the parasol on her peonies to protect them from rain. :D It was hilarious!
Have a lovely Sunday!

Cinderella Moments zei

So sorry about your peonies. You wait so long for them to bloom and then they get ruined by rain or hail. But your fern and antlers look amazing! I love that the fern grows on bark. That is such a great look. And the antlers are superb!

MiniJardinomanie (Claire) zei

Both gorgeous, antlers and fern (and I like the plant stand too ;) - regards

Marisa | Pez Calcetín zei

Perfect work!! It's very beautiful. a hug, Marisa